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This is a Void/Scotia Grendel Korvus walker.  It's a freaking nightmare for me to put together, but it's done, and now I'm starting base-coating.  I actually painted the base to give me something to work with for how bright I want the blues to be, but otherwise, this is as close to primed as my WIPs will get.


Photo is terrible, bu the base is 120mm, with some cork for texture and some texture pastes for adding interest to the base.  Walker will be mostly blue, with some green and red highlights.  Why yes, I'm sticking with my Video Game color scheme.  Only one photo because the other side looks essentially the same.


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No photo time today.  Life kind of hit me upside the head...  then again, I'm playing enforcer everywhere I turn (yay). 


Anyhoo, the base coating is done, and when I get the next photo time, I'll take a picture and post it up.  Reds and greens were added, and I'm very pleased with how it's turning out.

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