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This is my other type of Large-Hatted dwarven mercenary/evil dwarf.  He came out really well. 


Basing is cork, with the lava itself being liquitex matte medium, with a drop for the bubble.  And yes, I'm well aware that he should be dead standing there.  I don't mind.  He doesn't seem to mind, either.


His intent is to be the leader of the "Betrayal of Fire" evil dwarves working against the classic GW Chaos Dwarves and other Dark-Sculpted monstrosities.  I'm very happy with him.



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Thank you all for your kind comments.  he's tiny versus the other minis I paint, but I'm very pleased with him.  The lava was the easiest part (for those interested). 


I primed it white then put two layers of Vallejo Game Color Lava Orange plus Gory Red.  I mixed in some Army Painter orange and then the "bubble" was white plus yellow, then yellow, then a black line along the back edge. 


He looks cranky, and by golly I think it works!

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