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Grenadier 2007 Females #2: Fighter


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This is a beautiful figure and you did such a nice job, especially with the face! I hope we're going to see the rest of the miniatures from that box painted up soon!


I have another one primed.  I'm even thinking about following the box art for the color scheme!


Aaaah nostalgia..


I love Grenadier models, still collect them myself.

Not always the best sculpts, but very nice.

The monsters and dragons are among the best though.


Good job on such a tiny mini.


I've seen the dragons online, but never in person.  So far I haven't pulled the trigger on an auction.


I have a soft spot for the oldies... i love the "feel" even if the sculpts lack the detail we have gotten used to


Fantastic paint job - very fun - hell of a lot better than we used to do with testors model paint back in the day!


Unfortunately I threw out all of my old testors model paints a few years back.  They all dried out while I was at university.

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      One of last year's limited release figures that I painted during the summer.  She has the right amount of detail, I spent some time trying to do NMM on her armor and weapon.  Felt that the pose was a bit dull and static, and her face is odd.  Liked how the green part of her cloak came out, not so happy with the yellow, need to practice more, 

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      Another one from August. From the Greek Odyssey expansion in B5.  She has just enough detail to be interesting without being overwhelming to paint. Wish the casting had been a little sharper. I had to outline a lot to make things stand out. 

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      More villagers for your town!
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      I'm not so sure this is a show off as I'm not happy with the final result. The bones have way to much contrast in my opinion.  What do you all think?

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