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Maledrakhs Sedition Wars Hexen Phaedra / Caprica Six


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Continuing on with the Febuary challenge goals I set myself, (painting at least one of each from the following categories:

Reaper Bones, Oathsworn, All Quiet of the Martian Front, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40.000, Kings of War, Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks, Shadows of Brimstone, Sedition Wars, Drake, Grendel Productions something or other, and to finish something that currently stands around half-done on the shelf of shame), I have done a few minis over the weekend, As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread.

Here goes for Finish something that currently stands around half-done on the shelf of shame




Sedition Wars: The Battle For Alabaster, Hexen Phaedra. Normal and infected version.


Hexen will double as a coach for my Team Toasters Robot Dreadball team. Hexen Phaedra is an obvious homage to Caprica Six from Battlestar Galactica, so naturally I painted her as such.


Too bad that Studio McVey messed up the scale on many of the wave 2 minis like these. They are far to small and spindly. It was certainly not the only thing Studio McVey messed up with this Kickstartered game, but I do think they were hammered a little to much in the aftermath by disgruntled customers/ backers. The game isn't that bad, it was just rushed and not tested enough, The minis are for the most part really nice. Apart from the scale issue with most of the wave 2 homage characters. Nice but too small.


In hindsight, these would have been easier to paint with a white or grey undercoat rather than black. How many layers did I need to cover? Let me count the ways...nope I lost count half way through.


25mm bases, restic.

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