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Maledrakhs Fire Sprite from 77196 Familiars 2 pack

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Bonus mini for this months resolutionary challenge


Based on previous postings, I guess this one also counts as NSFW. You Americans are so uptight about these things.




Full frontal:






This is the fire sprite / small elemental / atronach from the 77196 Familiars 2 pack.


I really struggle with fire and flames. I do think I am getting better even though still not very good. Definately need more practice.


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How to paint a scorched earth base:


Actually quite simple.

A layer of fine sand is glued down with thinned pva.


When dry, paint entire sanded area with very dark brown, almost black ink or thinned dark brown ditto paint. Pure black should be fine as well for this.


Wait until dry and then wait some more to make sure. Some sand always loosens when the paint is wet.


Then dry brush in "rings"following the curve of the base. I did yellowy bone colour first, on the middle two thirds or so, with less on the outermost part.


The bone is a base coat that gives strength to the next coat, bright yellow. I often use bone under yellows (and brown under golds, blue under silver etc)


The outer part is drybrushed green.

Then the middle part is drybrushed yellow, orange and red

The inner part stays the blackish brown. Touch up with thinned black where needed.


And that is that.

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