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Randomness 5: The Umpire Strikes Back

Froggy the Great

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Hmm, some of the plastic dragons from those hobby stores are pretty neat. Picked up a few. ^__^


--- edit ---

Accidentally took a look at McFarlane Dragon lines. Some of them look amazing and look like they would fit in D&D games.


 Um, gee... Too bad you're not in my box group... <cough><cough>



...... what in all the unholy planes is a LOVE YAK?


 $39.95 in the right sort of store. (The air pump costs extra.)






Bears... bears will tear us apart, again.


Well it is the Bearmageddon



So you're saying we'll need the

for this?




...appropriately enough.





 Scarily enough, I already had this done...

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It seems that I have picked a Dark and Terrible Time to check back into this thread. 



My guess is that the long and cold winter has finally caused some people to crack.



It's getting warmer, so we're just coming out of hibernation.

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