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The travels of Sir Forscale round 2 sign ups.

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Count me in...


North East, Maryland

Domestic shipping

Can start a box, oh my...


(I reread that and found that it was ambiguous: I would love to start a box...Any idea what international shipping would run?)

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Winter got you down? Tired of snow? (I'm getting there, fast) Do like getting presents? What about surprises? Would you like the postman/woman to bring something other than bills to you? You may have

I'm in again.   Minnesota   I'm OK with international if needs be, but prefer US (worst case, I just take all the lead and fill the box with greens. <jk>)   No on starting the box please.

heehee. You sure? I could totally suggest a few greens you could put in ( and then make me directly after you please ;D ))

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This sounds fun.  I'm in NJ, would prefer not to ship internationally.  This would be my first time, so probably not starting a box.  How many minis do you need to start a box?

I'm in. 


Location:  Fresno, CA


International Shipping:  No


Starting box:  Depending on how much stuff is needed to be considered a "box starter" I think I can do it.

Well, that all depends. If (like me) you've been into this hobby for any length of time, you could probably stuff a medium flat rate box with no problem. If you're just starting out, 10-12 minis or so (small flat rate box) would be fine.


Don't worry about it, though. I think we're set for box starters. If that should happen to change, I'll be in touch.

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Where is the list of sign ups?


THIS thread is the list. Please no chatter here, trying to keep it all to sign-ups so it's easy for the Wolf to do his list.


Chatter, questions, comments go here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59449-the-travels-of-sir-forscale-round-2-chatter-thread/



Thread has been edited and chatter posts removed.


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No problem, you're in.



Sign ups are now closed. Working on the lists now.


That said, there is still a little wiggle room. If you contact me before the lists are done, I'll work you in somewhere.

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    • By Chaoswolf
      Ok, here we go!! Round 2 of the Sir Forscale and traveling box of goodwill is set to begin.

      As before, I'm in charge, and Ub3r N3rd will continue in his tenure as my second in command. He's my back up in case I'm unavailable ( I do need to travel with my job occasionally ).

      Remember, if you've got any questions the rules are in the first post here:

      If you can't get your answer there, contact your coordinator, if they can't help (or you are the coordinator and need some help ) hit me or Ub3r N3rd up and we'll get you sorted out.

      The coordinators and their groups are as follows:

      DSmiles-Sent March 3. Received August 1
      Lt. Coldfire-Received March 7.
      Drusander-Received March 23. Sent--March 26.
      AlexGates--Received March 28 Sent...
      RobDean--Received April 16. Sent April 22
      JCG--Received April 24. Sent April 29.
      Wyvernfire--Received May 1. Sent May 11
      Von Krieger--Received May 23. Sent July 30

      Ub3r N3rd-Sent February 26. Received May 14.
      Korimar-Received March 2. Sent March 7.
      Samurai Jack-Received March 9. Sent March 20.
      Hibou--Received March 24. Sent March 26
      Generic Fighter *--Received March 28 Sent April 7.
      Talae--Received April 9. Sent April 23
      CashWiley--Received April 28 Sent May 12

      *=Generic Fighter will be out of town until March 12th or thereabouts; his placement should ensure that he will be back to receive and send on the box.

      Little Bluberry-Sent March 4. Received August 3
      Darsc Zacal-Received March 11. Sent March 14.
      Traxia-Received March 14. Sent March 25.
      Robinh--Received April 1. Sent April 4.
      OneBoot--Received April 13 Sent April 23
      Klarg1--Received April 28. Sent May 1.
      Buckyball--Received May 1. Sent May 2.
      TGP--Received May 2. Sent Jul 31.

      Bonwirn-Sent March 6. Received July 3.
      Kharsin-Received March 11.
      Ulfheathen-Received March 25. Sent April 2
      NomadZeke--Received April 4 Sent April 18
      Wolfie907--Received April 22. Sent May 3.
      Aard Rinn--Received May 12 Sent May 26
      SGHawkins009--Received May 28 Sent June 4.
      Hungerfan--Received June 8. Sent July1

      ChaosWolf-Sent March 2. Received June 24
      Madjack-Received March 3. Sent March 11.
      Flamehawke-Received March 13. Sent March 23.
      David Brawley-Received March 25. Sent April 3
      Thes Hunter--Received April 7
      Rgtriplec--Received April 20
      Kangaroorex--Received April 25 Hand delivered to Kay13
      Kay 13--Received from Kangaroorex and delivered back to same. Sent June2
      Jasper the 2nd--Received June 10. Sent June 16.

      Marvin-Sent February 25. Box Received.
      Fishnjeeps-Received February 27, Sent March 23.
      IzzyLobo--Received March 25. Sent April 2
      Pingo--Received April 7 Sent April 8
      Fanguad--Received April 10 sent April 14
      Arc724--Received April 17 Sent April 20
      Kadence--Received April 23 Sent April 28
      Ironhammer--Received April 30. Sent May 4.

      Froggy the Great-Sent March 7. Received May 15.
      Keianna-Received March 9. Sent March 13.
      Dilvish-Received March 16. Sent March 20.
      Miss Melons-Received March 23. Sent April 2
      Evil Halfling--Received April 4 Mailed 9 April
      Baphomet69--Received April 11. Sent April 17
      Pcktlnt--Received April 20
      Marineal--Received May 2. Sent May 12

      Girot-Sent March---.Box Received
      Dr Bedlam-Received March 14. Sent March---.
      Inarah-Received March 20. Sent March 23
      Talespinner--Received March 26 Sent April 7
      Sirithiliel--Received April 9 Sent April 14
      Tiniest Rhombus --Sent May 14.
      Marsya--Received May 16. Sent May 18.
      Red Ambrosia--Received May 21Sent May 30

      You'll notice that we went with slightly smaller groups this time around; what do you think? Please respond in the chatter thread.

      Target date for boxes to start is March 1st. If your box is already packed and ready, you don't have to wait, though. I'm supposed to be getting Bones 2 this coming week, so I'm going to try and wait for that so I can add some of it to my box.

      We had a lot of interest in this round, so thank you to our 3 newest coordinators: Marvin, Froggy, and Girot.

      Lets have fun with this, everybody!

      No chatter here, please.
      Do it here:

      Coordinators: If you want to juggle your groups around at all, that's fine, just let me know so I can update this list.
      Myself or any of the MODS that are involved will edit this post to document arrivals/departures.

      If anyone has any suggestions for a better title, discuss it in the chatter thread.

      edit--minor lineup shuffle
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