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The travels of Sir Forscale round 2 chatter/photo thread.


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As far as group paint goes, I think scheduling the circuit so it ends with someone who can relatively quickly finish the mini as I did with Friar Stone is the way to go (I only left the base because ub3r said he was going to base it). I did notice a lot of previously painted spots had a lot of primer showing through, folks should make sure whatever they pick to paint, paint it fully!


For me, the painting was the best part. Not sure if I'm up for the next round of trades.

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Much as everyone eggs you on to trade out of the box, no one says you have to.  you can just participate in the mini paint and still get the package in the mail, look through it, then let it move on.


I am ready for the next box!  got to stop at iron wind's booth and browse their bulk minis for bodies and interesting minis at amazing discount.  I also have some gnomes looking for homes and other weirdness that should be passed on.

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I finally remember to take pictures of what I took out of the Dsmiles box!

Two big ol gryphons, a creepy lizardman-thing, two rubber scorpions, a sprue of dorfs, I think, some armored guy in pieces in a baggie, some other guy missing a head and arm that I think has a head and arm in a baggie that I have misplaced or accidentally put back into the box (he's right above the left dorf sprue), and a baggie of barrels/oil drums.

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