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The travels of Sir Forscale round 2 chatter/photo thread.


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That's a good idea. :ik_oops:

Thinking about it, by the way, if you could do it at the right scale, the whole thing would make a fine elven gonfalon. (That's a banner suspended by a crossbar at the top, in case that's an unfamiliar term.)


Cool, I learned something new today! And yes, it is an excellent idea!

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I spent some time going through this tonight. I had a box set aside for what I planned to put in. Last time this box contained more than what I took out. This time, my initial pulls exceed what I planned to put in. I will have to hunt around for stuff to put in the box or put some choices back.


I have not read all the writings in the box yet, nor done more than a cursory glance at the group paint mini. Chances are that I won't get to paint it until early next week due to a crazy schedule, but I am shooting for under seven days from arrival to departure.


This exchange box is a wonderful idea! I love it more and more!

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You have taken things out of the box.  Do not put them back in the box.  the box does not have a returns department. 


Seriously, if it goes out a little light, others will fill in the difference.  For example, I was consolidating all my confrontation purchases from when the line went under and people were getting rid of them (that was not a long timeframe...) and wound up with 2 plastic crates 1x1,5x1 filled to the peak with minis.  I might have a few extra....

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