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Ghostbusters: The Board Game


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1-4 player Co-Op ghost busting with quite cartoony stylised caracters.





Cryptozoic have produced a lot of licensed games (most of them available in large chain bookstores here in the UK) so I don't think there are any worries on ability to deliver the product, but from what I can tell their other games are more like deck building games or have tokens rather than figures. Anyone know if they've done figures before and if so the quality?



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My assumption is the Stay Puft Marshmallow man is going to be the only one that's close to as shown. Others will be losing spikes, get repositioned limbs and you can flat out forget the gap between the cable from the proton pack and Venkmans body

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I'm totally happy to be disappointed about this board game.

I do not like the ghosts at all, also not the main characters.

If they would have made cool looking ghosts, in different transparent colors, it would have been hard not to back. And not only 40 mini with only 2 different ghost types.


For me it is easy to say no this time, much easier that it was with Conan.

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Wizards of the Coast is undergoing litigation / settlement against Cryptozoic for its Hex MMO program. After Up Front, Torn Armor, and DUST: Babylon, I recommend avoiding backing any projects from a company involved in litigation, unless the discount on the project is low enough to mitigate the risk of company resources used for litigation. Not as important, there is *some* risk in backing a project with a license, particularly from a major studio, as AvP has shown, compared to owning the IP of the project.


EDIT: See Dark Severance's post: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/60/635214.page


Oh, and "renders are not miniatures". :D

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Heisler, I don't understand your post. The litigation to be concerned about is Wizards vs. Cryptozoic. 


Still, you're correct that *which* Ghostbuster rights the project has is important. I'm guessing that various Ghostbuster IP's would be: the images from the movie, the images from the cartoon series, the individual likenesses of the actors (that's why, iirc, Bill Murray's cartoon character doesn't look like Bill Murray), and the comic book. From the home page: " It features unique illustrations and figures based on original artwork and designs by Dan Schoening, the artist of IDW's Ghostbusters comic book series."  I guess it wouldn't hurt for backers to confirm that Columbia pictures has already approved of the renders?


Most of the pips of my Ghostbuster RPG die have worn off, but the logo and die is safely ensconced in my Arkham Horror game box. :lol:

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