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Cassie: Gnome Wizard, Sharyn: Female Wizard, Sylph, Golanth: Half Dragon Warrior, Townsfolk: Strumpet, Ninja II

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Here we go.  I have about the worst combo of camera and lighting on the planet, but I figure I probably ought to get some work up so I can get some C&C.  These were taken with my Droid, but I don't have another camera at the moment.  Hopefully I can remedy that soon.  Also, my lamp is super harsh, but it's the only one I have right now.  It's great for painting; not so much for photographing.


Just a couple notes.  Cassie is the first mini I ever painted.  My colors are flat, she looks unfinished and cartoony, but I actually think the effect is fun.  As little as I knew about painting at the time, I kind of like the way she turned out.  Somewhere around 7-8 years ago, I think?


Sharyn is one of my most recent minis.  She's a pretty fair gauge of my skill right now.  I notice I need to develop shadows and highlights with her, especially when doing fair skin tones.  I think my medium skin tones look better, but looking at her I think her skin lacks depth.


Sylph is the same.  I think she lacks depth.  I like the way the wings turned out, though.


Golanth was my first (only) attempt at black primer.  That affected the color more than I expected.  In the future I'm sure I'll use black primer again for monsters and such, but I'll stick with white for people/intelligent humanoids.


Strumpet is another fairly recent one.  I'm working on a set of Townsfolk, and she's actually the most colorful of the lot.  My vision is for a poor town full of very "earthy" people.  There will be lots of brown in the rest of them.  She dreams of getting out of town and living a better life.  The one nice thing she owns is the red ribbon in her bodice, but her dress is still dirty and she's not as fancy as she imagines.











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      A fellow player in a Reign of Winter game has been "tooling around"* with an unpainted strumpet miniature. I offered to paint it if she told me what she should look like, and so I was given an unpainted Bones mini and a quick watercolor sketch to work off of. This is the result, after a couple hours of work!



      Overall, I'm pretty happy with her! She is not great, but I'm improving. This is also some of my better work on hair, ever. That Jessica Rich DVD from the kickstarter is starting to pay off.


      However, I still did just a quick paint up (probably 2 hours...) and the quality needs to be higher. Things I know did not go as planned:

      The blending on the dress was incredibly subtle--not sure what I was thinking here, exactly, but the contrast should be way higher.
      The blending on the hair highlights looked so much better before it dried. Oops. So mental note: esp. for a display piece, let it dry and then really check it out before you seal it. The transitions are way too abrupt as it stands.
      General smoothness of blending everywhere could be improved.
      Still on broccoli base. Sad.
      Any additional C&C? Beyond the paint scheme, I suppose, since I'm working with a player's desired colors, anyway.


      * as the kids would say it **

      ** back in the 50s, maybe...

      Note: this is a repost! It looks like three posts, two of which I finished writing, all ended up with the same post ID, which caused all sorts of mayhem. Attachments only worked on one of these posts at a time and it looks like all of the tags got thrown together. This should fix the problem...
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