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Another day another chibi.  I bought a number of these at Gencon and I have been working on them to make room for the Impact ponyfinder kickstarter.  And hopefully figure out how to make the paint stick.


This attempt was using dullcote as a coating to allow the paint to have something to grab on to.  this failed miserably.  Apparently even dullcote has a hard time sticking to the dark grey resin Impact uses. the dullcote peeled off in sheets. had to wash it again, scrub the dullcote off and lightly sand the areas that wouldn't let paint adhere.  And then the paint cracked in some of those areas.


All said and done for as many mishaps as this little beastie had, he came out pretty nice.  hes a little dragon so he guards a little pile of coins courtesy  of Basius ::):


C&C always welcome









Next try is to scrub hard with dawn dish detergent and a toothbrush and see what happens.



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Holy bright colors, batman! I love these! The more chibis you paint, the more I love them! Keep them coming!

Eta: have you tried artists gesso? I used to use it on minis that wouldn't take primer well... Just a thought.

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Great job! I love the chibi miniatures... You make me want to order this one. went in on the "pony" kickstarter too, so look forward to see what you do for them. 
I'll be following your trials with getting paint to stick, which kinda scares me - i haven't had issues like that before -that couldn't be sorted with a good soap scrub and dullcoat layer. But I haven't bought any of the Impact Minis before....

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I was sort of surprised at the dullcote.  I washed and dried the mini.   I sprayed the dullcote on. let it dry, and it looked pretty good.  then I went to prime it and the brush stroke from brush priming caused the dullcote to breakup and peel like Shellac on an old piece of furniture.  there was just no adhesion.   


Impact says to use Dawn dish detergent to wash them in, which I have not tried.  That will be my next adventure...  And its only the dark grey resin.  the cream or white stuff they use does not have this problem. I don't know why...

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