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Terminus Gate


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About this project

1d843804997a400a1916691e9c11cdc4_large.jArt by Ben Wootten


First, thank you for taking the time to investigate what Terminus Gate is about. This entire project has been a labor of love and we are looking forward to bringing a fantastic gaming experience to market with your help and support.


What Is Terminus Gate?

Terminus Gate is a gritty, brutal miniatures game pitting privateer crews against each other as they attempt to fulfill their contracts. You are the captain of a space-faring privateer crew, contracting your services where you can in the vast outer systems. Armed with fresh recruits, you will ply your trade across the stars, picking up contracts ranging from planetary exploration to deep space salvage, policing actions to hit-and-run raids. As they survive each job, your crewmen will gain experience, granting them new abilities and opportunities to develop in their chosen professions. Life as a privateer is a dangerous affair with injuries and even death awaiting your crew as they quest for fame and fortune amongst the stars.


Game Features:

Terminus Gate is a skirmish level table-top game for 2 or more players. Each player creates their own crew, arming them and assigning each crewmember a profession as they tackle fast-paced, high-risk missions against the backdrop of an immersive science fiction universe. The game is designed to allow players to keep track of their crews in an ongoing campaign, allowing the individual crewman to grow and develop over time. The Terminus Gate starter set will come with everything that 2 players would need to open the box and begin their careers as privateer captains:


• Terminus Gate Rulebook (softcover)

• Core World Crewmen x4

• Marauder Crewmen x4

• Dice x10

• Crew Character Sheet Pad x1 (50 sheets)

• Quick Reference Card x2

• Contract Card Deck

• Hazard Card Deck

• Environment Card Deck

• Starship Tiles x50

• Door Tiles x35 (with stands)

• Effects Templates x3

• Objective and Effects Tokens







c040f842fbdf7642fd304fa956f0d2a8_large.jTiles by Joshua Bennett

77881887d40beeafd5f8b19aeca98545_large.jTiles by Joshua Bennett

Please note: All models are supplied unpainted and unassembled. All painted models are for display/demo purposes only. Some of the miniatures shown in the videos/Kickstarter are prototypes and may be subject to change.

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This kickstarter has been cancelled by the projects creators due to poor funding and the low number of backers.

The creators have stated they are hoping to reorganize and relaunch the kickstarter later this year.

Should that happen, a new thread can be started for the new kickstarter.


This thread is closed.

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