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Bones II Kickstarter Rewards Shipping - The Game


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Woohoo! I'm glad you folks like it :D

I'm hoping to add in some bits n pieces in the next day or so like specific Game Over screens(i.e. a Bryan skeleton when he starves) and make it actually possible to win by getting all 14k+ orders out the door. It never even popped into my head to stop people from walking off screen, maybe I'll make that another ending like Bryan quits and goes to Hawaii hahaha.

Anyway, I'll post here when I get some time to update it. 


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That is hilarious. I couldn't help thinking if Bryan didn't have to deal with the grumpy backers,a lot more bones orders could go out...

I kept thinking that if he just didn't eat then he'd get a lot more orders out and then have less grumpy backers. :devil:  Also then my rewards would be less likely to have old chicken wings in them.

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