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Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (Cyberpunk Boardgame)


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I'm a sucker for Cyberpunk. Not enough of it these days :) So....this looks pretty awesome. I do not know much about the developer though.
















Real Resin Prototype






They have some cool story snippets about the characters and world on their facebook page




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That Harvey Scott mini has a horrible pose. It looks like he's going to wipe something out of his eye.  I love the rest of them though. Will be keeping an eye on this.


Edit - they mentioned on their FB page that Harvey is a smoker. The sketches there make it a lot more obvious that he's holding a cigar in his off-hand.


They also mention on their FB page that the final minis will be in metal.

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The bottom pic is a resin prototype.


I don't understand people's snap judgement that renders == bad models. There are plenty of teams that have generated awesome models via 3d printing. Raging Heroes for example. 


yes, they look that good in resin. will they be produced in resin?  If they are going to be produced in plastic I strongly doubt they will look that good.

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The bottom pic is a resin prototype.


I don't understand people's snap judgement that renders == bad models. There are plenty of teams that have generated awesome models via 3d printing. Raging Heroes for example.


For the same reason you don't put money down based on any preproduction art. Because there's no guarantee the final form will match the design.


On the other hand, I'm sure we can get a few car manufacturers on the phone who would be happy to take $50,000 off you now, based on whatever design they've scrawled on a napkin for their 2017 models.

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The bottom pic is a resin prototype.


I don't understand people's snap judgement that renders == bad models. There are plenty of teams that have generated awesome models via 3d printing. Raging Heroes for example. 


My own fears regarding renders ==> bad models would be simply because of past experience with certain miniatures-based Kickstarters.  I know it's possible for renders to be precursors to awesome sculpts.  I have quite a few nice Dystopian War minis that I'm pretty sure were entirely "sculpted" on the computer, for instance.  However, there have been a few cases where the computer renders looked awesome, and then the plastic figures that came in the actual box had "melted" detail by comparison.  There are other cases where I've looked at renders that would make a nice resin "garage kit" style figure, but which had such fine and shallow details that would probably be destroyed by an application of primer once shrunk down to standard game miniatures scale -- and thus it suggested to me that someone involved might not have much experience in seeing things through from computer modeling to actual production.


I'm hopeful in this case because:


1) On those designs, I'm seeing some nice DEPTH to the details that I could envision myself working a paint brush around.  In particular, I really like the contrast between the machined lines and deep "channels" on the tech/cyber parts, and the rumpled folds of the cloth portions.


2) Having an actual picture of an actual resin prototype is very nice, and gives more reassurance of another step being made.  (I wish I could know if the "prototype" was made in the actual final scale, though.  ;)  )


I am curious how the figures are going to be assembled if they're pewter vs. resin.  Some of those dynamic poses are the sort that I typically see in multi-part pewter figures where the arm has to be attached separately, yet I'm not seeing a clear spot that would make for a sensible break without having to smooth it out with the green stuff.  (This is one reason why I appreciate the "big shoulder-pad" look of many 1990s cyberpunk & sci-fi designs -- they were PERFECT for hiding pin-and-glue-on points for separately-cast arms.)


Overall, I like the aesthetic of the figures -- it's a nice balance between "street wear" and the sort of paneled tech look I've come to expect from certain brands of cyberpunk-themed anime/manga.  Also, I wish I could get a whole box of those "Muramasa Drones."  Those look PERFECT to fill the role of robotic "drone" types (for combats where I want a nice guilt-free robot firefight).  As noted before, I really like areas of textural contrast such as the differences between rumpled clothes and smooth machined cybertech & equipment.  


I'm not quite so certain about the one lady model with her "rubber coat" -- it looks a little too much like it was just poured onto the figure, in place, without any sign of seams or folds even though she's in an action pose and not standing up straight.  However, that's a minor quibble; even that figure has a lot of nice detail to work with.


If the figures come with their own bases (rather than just using mass-produced "25mm rounds" or whatever), I would advocate having some sort of textured bases, even if it's just a simple, basic "techno paneled floor" design repeated for the whole bunch, versus just having flat and featureless bases.


I'll have to check this out once it's live.

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Dono. Can't find a date but I did find out more about the company on Dakka.  They've been an outsourcer for Protos and other companies for a while so have done design and some production work on several kickstarters.


About Prodos. We know the situation : ) for your information. We work for Prodos as a OUTSOURCER - graphic designer and concept artist. This project - HINT - is completly different, independent and we are not related anyway with them. We have own 3d printing house, our modeller and artists.

Some others are By Fire and Sword, Warzone and Wolsong. Again all contractors but this is to show they have some experience in the game world.


Also looks like they may have resin options as well for some figures. Might do that for a few resins.

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I'm locking this thread for now as the projects Facebook page indicates a late summer release for the game and that the creators have not yet decided on whether or not this will even be a crowdfunding project.


If anyone has anymore specific info on this you can PM me.


Please remember that as per Reapers rules regarding the kickstarter subforum, a Prelaunch thread can only be started here one month prior to a projects launch.

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