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CAVs: 94003 Razor, 94004 Assassin, 94007 Wight - WIP


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94003 Razor is the tiny chicken walker guy with no arms. Store Link
94004 Assassin is a standard mech guy with non-symmetrial weapon pods on his shoulders. Store Link
94007 Wight is a big running CAV with square pods and long arm-guns. Store Link

Also, having just looked these guys up on the kickstarter page they (and my Spectre from before) all belong to the yellow ankh-dagger faction, which is a nice coincidence in case the rules ever come out. (cough)

Usual prep: Filed off (some) mold lines, boiled to straighten things out, washed with a soapy toothbrush, rinsed, dried, and stuck to bottles.

On my last/first CAV, sticking some of the bits to the bottle was a mistake, it made it hard to paint, and especially went bad with the varnish at the end. To combat this, I switched from poster-tacking on bottles to impaling them on sticks. The sticks are skewers or something, for food I guess, but they work better for this than I expected. They originally had pointy tips, but I just snipped off enough of the pointy end until what was left was just a bit smaller than the peg-hole, so it would go in far enough to be held by friction. I can set it in the bottle (Weighted with coins) when I need to set it down.

For the arms (and smaller sticks) I used binder clips, it holds it securely and I can set it down without it toppling over. I'm a little worried about it squeezing the peg too much, but I figure bones are durable enough it shouldn't be a problem, especially if I get these done within a week or so. Which is my goal, get these done before Bones II arrive.

To 'prime' I slathered on a coat of unthinned Reaper 09065 Grey Liner. I think I'm coming around to the liners, they go on easier than unthinned Walnut Brown and don't seem to have a problem sticking. Not much to see just yet.



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A base coat of 09135 Carnage Red on the Razor:



Painted vents on the legs, above the cockpit, and on the back of the head with 09136 Walnut Brown. Also painted the cockpit windows, but I can't really tell the difference on top of the liner.





Painted his cool pointy toes, the cockpit frame, and the X thing on the back with 09053 Honed Steel (Metallic)






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Cockpits! Various mixes of 09016 Sapphire Blue, 09063 Ghost White, and 09208 Black Ink, plus water/flowstuff.








The two little dots on the front with 09016 Sapphire Blue, then a little Tamiya X-23 Clear Blue on top to make it shiny and neat.



And since that worked out ok, I put a bit on the cockpits to try to blend them together a bit or make them look a bit more luminous.



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I did Carnage Red over a Blue Liner the other day on a Wight. If you don't put the Carnage Red on too heavy, you get a look that my friend said "looks like it's been on the surface of Mars for a few years." So, you get a really rusty red with bits of dark, dark blue showing through, like weathering.


Did you get something like that with your first base coat? Or do you just base coat thicker than I do?

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I'm not sure. The base coat of liner went on really well, normally there's kind of a blotchyness to it where it doesn't completely cover the bones, you can see a little of it on the Assassin head, but the razor covered really well. After that the red went on pretty dark, It took 2 or 3 coats to get it looking kind of standard red, particularly on the large flat areas like the legs. Now I wish I skipped the 2nd coat! Maybe I'll try that on the Wight, since it looks like it's kicking stuff up a lot, rather than the nimble Razor who tries not to bump into things.

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I put some Walnut Brown in some crevices and on some thing that I figure should be dark.




Normally, the little cracks and spaces between the armor plates would be dark. They're in shadows, and probably harder to repaint after the CAV gets all scuffed up in combat. However, since these CAVs are already kind of dark, I wanted something lighter to pop out more. So I put bright red in there, trying for lines of glowing power running to the various parts from the primary reactor. I used 09217 Magma Red (which is pretty orange) with a bit of 09003 Blood Red, and after a bit, added a tiny bit of 09039 Pure White, since it was going on kind of dark.










Next, I painted a few bits with Honed Steel, then went over the red lines with Clear Red to try to make them stand out a bit.








Warheads with 09008 Sun Yellow:




And some designs, because the Razor needed something and had no missiles. Thinning a bit more would have really helped, those arrows were gloopy.




Lastly, some more bits with Honed Steel, and a happy drybrushing accident - I hit an edge a bit too strong, and it put a tiny thin line there, and really looked good, like worn away paint or something, so I edged a bunch of the hard planes (some more succesfully than others) then did some regular drybrushing in parts to make it less uniform red.










And that's pretty much it. They're currently letting the gloss sealer dry, so after another coat or two, and some matte, they'll be done. I'll post a pic once that's done and they're assembled.


All the paint got on, and even a coat of sealer, before the Bonami arrived, but whether that's 'done' or not is arguable. Either way, I'm happy enough with it, and hopefully they'll look ok on the table.



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And here they are, two coats of glossy sealer, and two or three coats of matte. The Liquitex matte isn't nearly as good as the spray-on Testors Dullcote IMO, but it works and I don't have to wait for spring to seal them. The Razor (little one) doens't look as good as the rest, I think, the thicker base coat of red just ended up looking kind of plasticy. I think in the future I'm going to wash them and put dark stuff in the cracks, and try to have the glowing highlights or whatever stand out more. They're a little dull. Anyway, close enough to tabletop quality for me, and the CAV quickstart rules are out, so it's time to find a fight some day.






























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