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Black Cutlass also worked on his 3D boards.  He completed the second moduleDSCI0005A.thumb.JPG.645665059eb894613d262dba9139b496.JPGDSCI0006A.thumb.JPG.9e6d6a3057bc79ab4e790a5e59777396.JPG and started a third.DSCI0008.thumb.JPG.04e4325530444567362bd93d987196cf.JPGDSCI0011.thumb.JPG.856c6aa495d843d906158f83739bdb57.JPGDSCI0013.thumb.JPG.04814dda1254162d559711d908b83479.JPGDSCI0014.thumb.JPG.29ebc3af4c4d11dedc7f43a02de0aa5a.JPGThere was a major disconnect at the end of the day with the first level of the three main  terrain features.  Always double check your component part alignment, then check once more. The two layers for all three were assembled upside down, base layer ended up on top.DSCI0016.thumb.JPG.e2fea2c7286a8de1b28f0948f3af022f.JPG BC does not know this as yet since I discovered the defugalty after his departure.  Fortunately the glue had not dried enough to necessitate re-cutting the component parts and did not require much effort separating the layers.  Once they dry out I will reassemble them in the proper sequence... I hope.

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