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So, I've been trying to do a full on conversion using the spider body from the Reaper "not-a-drider" and the old Birthright miniature from Ral PArtha "Tal-Quazar. (A goblin-drider). The point? well, the RP mini was 25mm and just didn't look scary next to a model of Stern and friends.


So, I finally dove in (I've been staring at it for nearly a year) and began sawing and chopping the RP mini last week. At this point, I've cut and pinned the parts onto the Reaper body, and it seems to be coming along pretty good. I've filled in the majority of the gaps and such and made the basic shape.


Now comes the actual green stuff, and I have no tools. (I just used those bamboo skewers so far). Is it possible to come up with sculpting tools from common household instruments? I don't want to rush out and buy a bunch of tools for a part of the hobby that I might be horrible at not enjoy. Any ideas?


In so far as scultping the actual detail of the green stuff, do you gob it onto the fig directly and begin to shape and trim, or is it better to sculpt little parts seperately, and then affix to the larger model? (I need to sculpt a bunch of chitinous-like plates and some big thorn like spiney-horns for it's bloated and slug like body.)


I'm oging to try and take som WIP shots with the film camera (still haven't mastered that aspect yet either, and no digital camera yet I'm afraid.)


Does anyone have any good links for a newbie sculptor?

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Toothpics. Cheap, easy to find and disposable.


I picked up a sculpting too to use when I fillin gaps as sometimes they are hard to reach. It's got a pointy side and that hook thing on the other side. Was only a couple dollars as I recall.

Hey, that's the same tool I got.

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