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GW Chaos Warriors of Nurgle


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So here's my February resolutionary challenge completed in one fell swoop.


1 unit of Nurgle (god of disease, rot, and decay in Warhammer) devoted chaos warriors. The unit is 15 strong including a musician, champion, and standard bearer. They may eventually (hopefully) see the table as part of a Kings of War army, or they may just add to my growing chaos horde as a long term hobby project. Time will tell. The unit is composed of the older 'hunchbacked' plastic warriors with a few way old school metal figures added in. There are a fair number of conversions present as well. This marks my first serious attempt at freehand (shields and standard).


Full disclosure: I did not assemble, paint, and base these guys in 12 days. They were already built and spray primed green when I started back on them. The basing isn't that awesome, I may revisit it at another point in time.


The whole unit:



The front rank:



The second rank:



The third rank:



Shot of the standard:



C&C and/or questions are welcome. Thanks for looking.




ETA--Hmmm...The pics are clickable, just in case the paint jobs didn't scare you enough in the smaller size. Interesting....


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Oh I just love your standard bearer. I actually thought to myself how cute (which it probably not what this unit generally conveys :;): ).


I love the fabric and his face poking out from behind it. The unit looks good together very cohesive.

Yes, cute is not generally a compliment I'd expect from these guys. :lol:  Thank you very much, glad you like 'em.


@Joshuaslater and Ub3r N3rd--thanks!

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Nice job - it was fun that you used actual fabric for the standard bearer.  I've never done that since I was worried that the scale of the weave would throw things off.


These models must be a great addition to your army.

I'm glad you like it; it was actually an experiment to see how it would work. I think it turned out fairly well.


Thank you all for the kind words.

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