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77323: Blightfang- Bones II


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Now I got my idea for how I am going to do Blightfang from her scales. I might let you guys see if you can figure out where I am going while I do thins instead of telling you. I have not decided quite fully yet


Anyways. Here she is primed up. I used Brown liner



ANd here she is with the first ink I am doing on her, but its does not seem to do much so I'll will be skipping this on other parts. Its likely due to the fact the colors are too close. I used chestnut ink



Sorry. My cats like to try and photobomb my pictures and so I had to keep them out while keeping the camera steady. Not totally successful at that

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I'm guessing even more gold?

There shall be yellow, but I will be adding other colors as well to her


I will be following this with interest, as I also have a copy. Any issues with the mini itself? Any specific prep you had to do?

Just the normal work to get piece to fit and remove mold lines. I have discovered the body will need to be higher though. Even with the base for her back legs it holds that side upwards so she does not not sit right. So that is being planned currently.

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