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That is a nice clean paint for a first model. Look to add more highlights and depth on future models, even if it's just one extra step at a time.


There are good links to tutorials in this forum as well as good examples of painting.


The main thing to remember is practice as this is how you will improve.

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Great job for your first figure!

Other than the eyes, which you mentioned, and others have addressed, that's a pretty solid job.

You'll get better with every mini you paint.

But the main thing, Enjoy it..

Very, very true.

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A most excellent job well done. On the subject of eyes, you gotta start somewhere, give that guy some eyes. Monster eyes are awesome to start out with, a solid color looks good on them and you can always add a pupil later when you're feeling more confident. Welcome to the forums and hobby. If your having fun, you're doing it right.

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I know a fair number of Fellows who have been painting for years & never done an eye. You are a natural. Your creation benefits from some SPLENDID brushwork, GREAT looking metals & FINE skin tones. The eyes & some more elaborate groundwork will come in time; in the interim, you've earned a VERY WELL DONE!

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