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Dwarven Forge KS3

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The videos are awesome.... I regret not selling a kidney to buy more during the KS. I ended up at Capital + most city-based add-on packs. I can see now I'm going to want more tudor pieces (to build large inns/taverns for PF/DD) and a big sewers pack. I really hope they'll have an option to buy just tudor or stone when it hits the store, but seeing the way it's packed in the vids I'm guessing that won't be the case.







Following the Seahawks win this coming Sunday, I'm hoping Monday is going to be a day of equal goodness filled with fantasy shipping notifications...  Dwarven Forge KS shipping email... Paizo subscriptions shipping email... Maybe even a Stones KS shipping email... *cross fingers for Monday goodness*







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Here are the things that have me worried. 1) The kick starter feels rushed      1a) Concerning for potential sign of financial dependence on KS revenue which would increase risk exposure to backers

In the August pre-sale it was possible to buy either stone or tudor sets, and I hope that is how it will be done at retail. No news of it from DF, but I'd look mroe at the August sets for possible retail.


The guy in the video did not seem to get any August sets, his were all Ks sets. 

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I went Capital, Mega Streets (Imperial, I think it was...one with the lion), Mega Sewers, and another half dozen smaller sets like the bridge, ruins, etc.


I am anxious to get what I ordered (and envious of people that ordered more). At this point, the two things I lock myself most for not getting are an upgrade to the Empire sets and the magnetic walls.

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@Talae, I assume you mean the magnetic walls add-on pack, since the stretch goals included some magnetic walls along with the magnetic signs?


For myself, I regret my decision to not get the lighted walls or brazier add-ons, as the actual products from the pictures and videos look even better than the concepts and prototypes. Especially the walls, as I was under the impression that the torches would be permanently attached, which is one reason I opted not to get them. Oh well, perhaps I will look into picking up a set when they are posted to retail along with the new Pokorny paint colors.

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You got me wondering what I ordered. Here is the list (all unpainted and one of each listed):


Capital City Set


Window Dressings

Wicked Accessory

Wall Foundations

Wall Battlemats

Tower Battlemats

Tudor Ruins

Tavern Accessories

Stone Ruins

Monster Sewer

Imperial Streets

LED Lighted Braziers

Bridge of Valor


This means that things that might be ordered in the future are:

  • Terracotta and Slate Roof packs
  • Door Add On or Doors & Window Add On or Arrowslit Walls
  • Modular Balconies or Deluxe Balconies
  • Magnetic Walls
  • Lighted Walls


Also, as of now, my order is still listed as "Ready to Ship."

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My order all unpainted


August doubled what I spent


1 X The Undercity 
2 X Sidewalks 
1 X Tower Battlements 
2 X Monster Sewer 
1 X Stone Ruins
1 x Hamlet 
1 x Stone Ruins 
3 x Stone Starter Set 
2 x Streets Starter Set 
1 x Bridge of Valor 
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The World's Finest Miniature Gaming Terrain

Thank you for ordering from Dwarven Forge.

Shipment Confirmation. Order #: #2534607


Ship Date: 2016/01/11


Shipped to:



ITEM  DESCRIPTION                    QTY
BRV-U Bridge of Valor(dungeon gray)  2
DWS-U door/window starter dung.gray  1
MBL-U modular balconies dungeon gray 1
MS-P  monster sewer hand painted     1
TBM-U tower battlements dungeon gray 1
VIL-P village set/stretch goal HP    1


... which apparently means it arrives Wednesday.

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I received mine today. Which was a shock, because I had forgotten I had backed this particular project and now have to add the Sewer sets to my painting desk right behind all the Sci-Fi Hirst Arts stuff I bought from Bonwirn.


I have not opened it yet to see, but I have few doubts as to the quality of the product, Dwavren Forge are good people who make a quality dig.

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