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Let's start with the Centurion. Ignore my misspelling of the name in the pic. Here's the pieces that it comes with.




Then here's a shot of the happy trio with the Centurion, Sgt Forscale and his ancient ancestor, Sir Forscale.




And just for Girot, a shot of the Centurion with a Razor, from the Forscale Squad, which was fortunate to be nearby.



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The Primarch was the more interesting one to me, but he was a little disarming. Literally. I didn't want to separate the sprue which held all his arms. Want to keep things together for when I eventually paint it. Starting with the pieces.




It was hard to photograph from the front because things stick out so far. But here's the trio again.




And again from the side.




And at last, the CAV. Front and Side as well.





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I'm still working out which model does what but I'm thinking they'll be tough as nails and mostly close-combat.  That way we're forced to try to splatter them before they get too close.


While we're on the subject I'd been considering using...



the Goroloth as air support and...


the Bones Shoggoth as a dimensional rift/spawning point.

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