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New to painting. First attempts.

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First off, welcome to the board! Please feel free to look around ask questions; everyone here is nice, friendly, and more than willing to help out if you ask.


Eyes and teeth are always pretty hard, at least until you've gotten more practice. Those are actually pretty good for your first figures. You've got the basics down pretty good.


About the only thing I see is that there's a little green paint on the orc's sword handle. Other than that, you've done well.


The most important thing is to keep practicing, and have fun.

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as the other have said.. welcome to the forum...  you have come to the right place to share and be encouraged.  If you want feedback, honest but not mean,  the painters here will provide it and some of them (like Corporea) are just amazing and very willing to share.



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Are you using a wet palette?


Start with a brushful of green, then add a little white and yellow. Flatten the side of your brush, and gently paint the raised parts of the miniature with a thin layer of paint, gradually building up.


For red monster eyes, use an opaque red like Army Painter, or paint pink or flesh as an undercoat for the eye, then paint the eye red.


Try a "controlled wash" on the skeleton. *Carefully* apply wash to recesses. I like to use brown Army Painter Strong Tone Ink in the eye dropper.


Add a little black (or was it white) to the metallic and paint the angle of the blade. You're probably familiar with NMM or "Non-metallic metallic". The important part is that everything you study about metallic reflections applies to True Metal painting.


Learn basing! Easier than painting because if you make a mistake, like putting the patch of grass a few millimeters off, no one's going to notice. Try that with an eye pupil!


Hope you backed Bones II! Plenty of practice there! Start with the terrain and large figures. End with the heroes, clothing, and anything with a pupil!

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Ditto to everything (does anyone actually use ditto or mimiograph machines Anymore?)


I till offer one additional piece of advice for good looking teeth: paint them any white, wash them with sie pa or brown wash, then highlight the tips. Gives a wonderful used teeth look


Good start and I look forward to you next post.

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Many thanks everyone for the warm welcome and ideas.   :-)


I'm half way through watching the Dark Sword DVD series and they just started talking about NMM.  So soon I should know what that is (at least in concept).    Next attempt will be the third guy in the Reaper painting kit.  He's a bit intimidating right now but I plan to give it a shot anyway.


And yes, I did back the Bones kickstarter.  I'm eagerly awaiting my package.

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