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Stonehaven Gnome Knight & Wolf Mount


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Thanks everyone!


What did you use for the fern?

I got ferns that are made for model trains. The large one is plastic while the small ones are kind of like fabric. I repainted them as the plastic was a brighter green and really looked fake. Below is a picture of the large ones. I do not remember the website I got them from but I believe Scenery Express sells them.



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Congratulations. Nice job.


A well deserved win.


Nice mini and nice base.


Thank you!




I feel I should note something about the base. The basing for this guy is what actually won him the Best in Show. In this competition the basing of a piece is not a primary consideration for judging but can contribute to the overall ranking. When it came down to choosing Best in Show, it was between him and a very well done dragon. Unfortunately the dragon's base was not painted up to the same standard that the dragon itself was, some portions of it were unfinished and just painted black. So if you are going to enter any painting competitions, give the basing the same effort that you did the paint job.

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I'll have to look for some of those ferns they look fantastic painted and a good size too. Thank you for sharing that info.

No problem, I just wish I could remember where I ordered them from. Unfortunately I got them months ago and this was my first opportunity to use them. I really like that they are on a wire which allowed me to stick them in a cork to paint.

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