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89030: Hellknight Order of the Nail - Bones II

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This is the first completed mini I'm sharing. I didn't do a WIP on him because he came together relatively quickly, and I've been painting a fair amount so I forgot to take pictures of him. Will work on doing better and doing WIPs for my other Bones II work. 


I decided that this guy would be one of my first since I ended up with 2 of him in my Core and I figured it would be good to practice on something I had 2 of (and soon 3 when our other Core set gets here). Anyways, I did a bugbear that's not worth showing first, and have a walking brain (Intellect Devourer) about 90% complete. Will be time to start something new soon.

















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Looks good. Though i will admit, when i think hellknight yellow isn't the first color that pops into my mind. What made you chose that?

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It was equal parts pragmatism and experimentation. I needed a color for the sword handle and thought a yellow would look like a nice contrast to the breast plate and helmet combo in nightmare black. After that I sort of went wile a bit with the helmet and shield. It is a bit odd for a hell knight, but seems like it might suit an evil paladin.


Still mostly playing around with things.

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