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Caleb's custom miniatures Mostly Green Stuff

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Behold the mighty Owlbear...




It turned out looking like a Furby.


Hopefully all my ferocious creatures won't turn out this adorable.  It was meant to be a super chubby like an overfed hatchling.


Next time I will remember to use a metal wire frame and maybe let the body sit a bit more so I don't have to deal with it being so squashed.



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Thanks for all the kind comments!  I will keep on sculpting and see what I can do with different mediums.


Did a quick simple paint job and this miniature does it's job nicely.


"Hey!  Look at this cute little guy!"









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 Great sculpting. I've found that, even if I don't use an armature when sculpting something, it's best to start off with roughing out a basic body shape (for example, on this guy kind of a tall gumdrop shape) that's slightly smaller than what I'm sculpting and let it cure before I continue, and then add the details on top of it.

 Whenever I use greenstuff on anything and don't end up making something else out of the leftovers (random bits like rocks, tree branches severed heads, etc.), I usually make some basic shapes in various sizes that I can incorporate into things to give them some internal structure...

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