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Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games (KS #6)


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Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games

by tre manor

Hello again kickstarter! Red box Games is back again to fund the production of a new set of figures intended to finalize the Helsvakt hordes with the most requested units from the very dedicated and much appreciated fans of Red Box Games. First on offer are the HELSVAKT CHOSEN. These 5 figures can be selected individually or as a themed set.

So to begin the campaign I offer The Chosen: Armoured Elite Hordesmen the elite corps of Hel's army of marauding murderous lunatics. these are the men who heeded her mad cry for blood and fury, wandered into the northern wastes, survived it's perils and scaled the great Mountain of Madness to bear her blessing and carry her vengeance out into the world. These are the mightiest of her warriors who have survived multiple campaigns and multiple proving battles. They are inhumanly strong and resilient. As ruthless as a rabid beast and equally fearsome. They bear no mercy in their hearts and no love for man or woman, kith or kin. They live for battle and carnage. Maniacs and marauders. Behold and tremble......

My ambition for this kickstarter campaign is to fund the creation and production and distribution of the final sets needed to " finish " the HelsVakt range of miniatures within the RBG fantasy world. I have already funded through a recent KS campaign a set of semi modular rank and file troops, the Hordesmen, along with a set of murderous archer / assassins called the Craven, and a group of a few Heroes of renown within the HelsVakt Army, Hakar the Horrible, Bloody Garm, Valda the Black hearted, and Svartulf the Savage.

NOW I want to fund the the expansion of the army with in no particular order.......:
  • THE CHOSEN 5 armoured elite warriors.
  • CHOSEN CHAMPION both mounted and afoot
  • COMMAND Leader, horn blower, standard bearer elites
  • HELSMAIDENS 4 female warriors.
  • HELSMAIDEN CHAMPION both mounted and afoot
  • BERSERKERS 4 new berserkers
  • CRAVEN 4 new ranged helsvakt warriors
  • JOTUNN 1 maybe 2 Helsvakt allied giants
  • HELSRIDERS 4 new mounted warrior elites
EDIT: Pics in my 2nd post below as these pics are messing with Darsc's adding the "live" tag to this thread. Edited by Darsc Zacal
Tag updated
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Thanks Uber!


No problemo, my bearded friend!


I went in for the ala carte, not sure how much each is going to be, but based off last one of $8 per, I added 8 figures to the $14 pledge for a total of perhaps 9. We'll see as we unlock.


Just don't want to monkey with my pledge too much.


PICS moved to this post -


Pictured here as works in progress............

d176d893b20113dfd75e8b1fe88a26c7_originaHELSVAKT CHOSEN WORKS IN PROGRESS
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Yeah, I have no clue what'll be what (and I assume the mounted figs will be more, anyway, right?), so I guess I just made a placeholder pledge. But I know I'll get something ('cause I really got a feeling I'll want one of the mounted d00dz).

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The pictures are not showing up. (?)


I really like his stuff, once i finish all the Miniatures i have I am going to start working on his stuff!


They showing up now?


Very strange how they disappeared after I posted them.


Yes sir

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