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Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games (KS #6)


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I think we scared the beard into submission; no updates in days...  :unsure:  


To be fair to Tre, he posted to this thread less than eight hours before your post. He's probably just sculpting like crazy.

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I want to chime in on the "pilot divits on both sides of a join" bandwagon. I would absolutely love it if all minis were made that way.


I know that mass-market minis will never go that route, since it makes it more difficult to assemble without pins, but for those of us who want to pin minis, it would be soooo much easier.


Incidentally, E18 guitar wire and an appropriately sized drill bit is great for pinning...I've used it on everything from dragon's to DSM elves.

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Hey yall!


Not broken but not sculptign either. I was forced to take the weekend off for family time....well.....they did nto have to push very hard really I kind of like them.

Then had a package delivered on monday containing a LONG awaited restock so I had to spend most of the day yesterday QCing and packing orders. And now today I have to make a 2 hour ( one way ) drive to pick up a set of twin beds for my boys that we have been waiting for for about 3 weeks already and which would not be delivered otherwise for another 2 and half weeks at least.


I promise that tomorrow I am back to sculpting full time. I am going to be posting an update unlocking the Jotunn as an add on though. So there is that at least. 

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Mar 3 2015


Update # 10 Jotunn and Hordesman Hero Unlocked!


  hey everybody!


   Sorry for the long silence. I took the weekend off for family time and then received a restock yesterday that had me sorting and packing orders all day yesterday. Now today I have to make an unexpected 4 hour ( round trip ) journey to pick up a piece of furniture that we have been waiting for the past 3 weeks which will take another 2 weeks or more to be delivered otherwise. So I wont be able to get back to work today but I WILL be back at the sculpting table tomorrow and through to the end of the campaign.

  I reckon I should have the Helsrider Champ done by week's end and then we can move on to the berserkers from there. In the meantime I think we need to go ahead and shift the stretch goals around a bit an unlock a couple of items with the progress made thus far. So as of now the Jotunn is unlocked as an add-on selection for $18.00 per figure. This figure will cost $20.00 at least when it goes to full retail. the figure will be cast in metal and will probably be a multipart casting. I am not all together sure of the multipart nature of the casting but it is a good possibility.

  Also the Hordesman Hero with battle axe is also now unlocked as a solo add-on for $8 per figure ( RRP $10 post KS ) . 

  There may yet be a second Jotunn as well depending upon time, demand, and funding. I had planned to release two of them originally but I do want to be sure that we get all the necessary units funded to complete the Helsvakt army. So let me know which you guys would prefer to see completed first after the Berserkers. Another Jotunn, another HelsRider? Mounted HelsMaiden Champion? Chosen Command? It is all up to you all!

14ce38c5cec6398cee91c7f53cfc1a52_large.jHordesman hero


  Tre' Manor

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