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Barbarian Hordes by Red Box Games (KS #6)


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Messaged Tre here this evening. Hoping it turns out he hasn't sent them yet after all, as that's preferable to lost mail, which is lame.

Keeping fingers crossed for you that it's just one of the late packages rather than lost.

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I think mine arrived at the Post Office today but won't know until next weekend as I am out of state. Hopefully they held onto the package as I have a vacation hold in place. Tracking says a notice was left so who knows.

Yeah, I was right, they have arrived and everything seems to be in order.

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Jan 25 2016


Update # 48 Fulfillment update........and War Bands of the Cold North Kickstarter info.


Hello again everyone!

Again I must apologize for the delays in fulfillment. It has been one thing after another. I truly do hate making excuses for these delays.


This fullfillment has just been a mess. One delay seems to cause another but ultimately it is down to my not being properly on top of things.


There are 39 packages left to be packed and shipped which currently await the delivery of a restock of the Chosen, Helsmaidens, and Craven. I unwisely saved the A La Carte rewards for last which broke up too many of the sets to complete the rewards which had both sets AND A La Cart solos.The restock is due any time and will allow me to finish fulfillment on this campaign once and for all. I expect to have the restock by the end of the week and will spend whatever time is required to get all the remaining packages packed and shipped.


This WILL be finished as soon as possible and I am dearly sorry for all of the delays thus far. I do very much appreciate your patience and continued encouragement and support, and I very much hope that you will extend that support yet again when I launch my next Kickstarter after the fulfillment of this campaign has concluded.


The next Kickstarter will fund the production of a starter set of Njorn ( Fantasy Norse ) warriors in high quality PVC plastic.


The initial goal will fund a box which will contain 5 semi modular warriors ( modular heads and weapons ) repeated twice and 1 non modular archer figure repeated twice for a total of 12 figures for $40.00 per set.


It is my hope to expand this set to replace the repeated archer with a variant and add a third archer along with a berserker and a shieldmaiden for a total of 15 figures per box. These latter additions will be achieved through stretch goals.


If this starter box funds then we will move on to other Starter boxes for some of the other factions of the RBG fantasy line such as the HelsVakt, the Aenglish, the Goblins, and the Dwarves.

There will be a Kickstarter exclusive resin Magic User for each of the starter sets funded that will truly be a kickstarter exclusive never to be released outside of the kickstarter campaign. The campaign will run for 20 days and will launch immediately upon the completion of fulfillment of this campaign's rewards.


Thank you all very much for your patience and support! Without you all I am unable to follow my muses and make great figures!




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