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Shadows of Eldolan

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This is the game thread for the adventure Shadows of Eldolan by Cal Moore.  Please try to keep this thread IC and all OOC discussions/questions to the recruitment thread.



©2014 Pelgrane Press Ltd.


Aside from holding the all important copyright information, this first post will serve as a repository for select information obtained during the adventure. I know out in the real world a lot of groups have someone to recap the last session or something similar, but in the real world a single scene rarely stretches out over weeks either. Hopefully it'll help everything run smoother. At the very least keeping it up to date should keep me on track. ^_^


Player Characters:


SparksMurphy - Kadu




Evilhalfling - Rizzel




Kangaroorex - Ruth





What the PCs know:*


Important NPCs:



Therilsa Stormhand - female half-elf.  The PCs contact in Eldolan






Silver Shields - Eldolan's town watch




Hawker's Square -






*Just because they know it doesn't make it true.

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As the afternoon wanes, the shadows of the three story gray stone buildings that form the perimeter of Hawker's Square are lengthening, and the calls of vendors and beggars alike are growing louder. Suddenly, a loud crash rises above the babel of voices. On the western side of the square a large wagon full of pumpkins has tipped backward, filling the roadway with tumbling gourds. At first people laugh. Then a woman's scream cuts through the air.


As the crowd parts, you see someone is fighting with a Silver Shield town watcher near one of the square's two unblocked exits to the northeast, and a woman next to them is screaming and pointing. You understand her wails as the other combatant lunges forward to bite the guard's throat and pulls back with blood-stained jaws. Then more yells erupt as a you see a group of figures emerge from a stairwell in the center of the square and quickly overwhelm the last two Silver Shield guards in the area. The figures are humanoid... and were once living. Now, you see that they surely are not, because each one has large open wounds where entrails, or lung, or heart, or eye are missing.


Suddenly you hear a crackling sound behind you and turn to see your surprised looking contact being surrounded in a magical whirlwind of dark shadows and purple vapors. As one, the group of zombies turns towards Therilsa and begins to advance, driving the doomed townsfolk before them to the ground as the rest of the crowd screams and fearfully rushed toward the last remaining exit in the southwest. Only you stand in the creature's way!

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"Zombies!" Kadu calls out in warning, rather unnecessarily since it's apparent that everyone in the square is already well aware of the shambling horde. She draws her battleaxe, readying it to take a swing at any zombie trying to get past her to the innocent bystanders.

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"_he does it always start with the undead" then louder "townsfolk to the sides of the square!" And to the zombies "come get me you walking wormbait!" with that Ruth uses flying blade to bury a dagger in the nearest one (14+4+1=19 against AC if I have this right and 3+4=7 damage, or we can do initiative first...)

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Thin their numbers!  they are coming right for us!


Rizzel will fire randomly into the thick of the group, cutting loose with a spiraling beam of lighting, fire and acid twisted together .


initiative 16+6=22

Attack Rolls:  9+5+1=14 vs PD,   9+5+1 =14 vs PD, and Nat 2 (even miss) -- Damage (4+4)/2 = 4 and  (5+4)/2 =4,  vs 3rd target. ongoing 3 acid


if this hits the beam comes apart the lighting briefly shocking one dead man, then arcing into a second while the acid sprays on a third.  The fire twists off and dissipates harmlessly 

or it misses with no effects. 


That should get their attention! 

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Ruth's dagger sinks deeply into the zombie's putrid flesh, causing it to stagger back. It's features briefly contort into something into something that might have been anger, but you will never know as it is struck by Rizzel's lightning and collapses to the ground. The arcing lightning strikes another zombie but it continues forward, it's eye firmly set on the purple whirlwind. The zombie sprayed with acid continues on as well as the acid takes time to do its work.


As the zombies continue forward Kadu is able to sprint forward and interpose herself between the mob and Therilsa. Her battleaxe delivers a mighty blow and fells another zombie before it can cause any harm. Up close she can tell that these zombies are quite fragile. Large portions of their bodies are missing and what is left is barely holding them together.


As the second zombie falls they seem to become aware of the danger in their midst. Their heads turn from the whirlwind to focus on the PCs and they swing at you with rotting fists.


Three zombies shuffle towards Ruth, but only one manages a glancing blow. (3 dmg, you may Roll With It for half if you choose).


Two zombies feebly attempt to harm Rizzel, but only one manages to make any contact (3 dmg). However, a pumpkin sudden comes flying towards Rizzel from the direction of the overturned cart. The gourd strikes a mighty blow and shatters! (8 dmg, -2 penalty to AC & PD due to being covered in goopy pulp until the end of its next turn).


Meanwhile four zombies strike at Kadu as they attempt to destroy what stands between them and their target. One strikes a blow (3 dmg) while the other attacks are ineffective. However, she can tell that one of these zombies is much sturdier than the others. It's body seems to be mostly intact and capable of quickly killing a less able warrior.


The zombies blocking the northeastern entrance to the square do not seem to be interested in joining the fray, though one does begin to snack on the Silver Shield that it dispatched earlier. What is left of the crowd continues to attempt to flee through the southwest entrance, though the press of humanity effectively seals it off as a means of exit.


The zombie that struck Rizzel barely has time to gloat before the acid finished its work and dissolves what little sinew was holding it together. It falls apart in front of him, leaving him engaged with only one.*


On to round 2!


*For those of you new to the system, mooks share a common pool of hp. I keep a running total and the mob loses a member every time a certain threshold is reached. To use the above as an example, the first attack did 7dmg which is not enough to kill a mook zombie. The first lightning brings the total to 11dmg which drops a mook, but the second only raises the total to 15 which does not. Kadu adds 7 more to the pool for a total of 22 which drops another mook. The mob acts and then at the end of its turn takes the 3 ongoing damage, bringing the total to 25 and dropping another mook. So even though his attack only did three damage it's what finished off the mook and I used it for the narrative.


Escalation Die: +1 (bonus to all PC attack rolls)

Map in first post updated.

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Everyone is a critic! 


Well used to being pelted with fruit and other rotten things, Rizzel scurries backward and takes cover at the corner of a building from the zombie with the pumpkins. 

He then blasts away at the zombie who was threatening him.  This time the twisting fire smashes into the closest zombie while lighting and acid find other targets in the mob. 


Disengage 19, Attack 10+4+1(talent) +1 (esc) =16 pd ;  Damage 6+4= 10 fire. (additional targets only by flavor) 

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I will roll with the damage, strike at the nasty bugger in front of me with a disengaging strike (dagger) 13+5+1=20 for the attack, 1+4 for damage, 9+5 for the Disengage. Upon success I will attempt to engage the mostly intact zombie abehind.already engaged with Kadu.

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Kadu strikes a zombie with a blow so forceful that it continues on to fell another.


Rizzel successfully blasts the zombie he just backed away from, its charred form collapsing to the ground.


Ruth slays yet another zombie and is able to move through the opening to take position behind the putrefied zombie.


Deprived of its initial target, the zombie by the pumpkin cart hurls a pumpkin at the next closest target. Ruth feels the impact as it shatters on his scaly hide. (8 dmg, -2 penalty to AC & PD due to being covered in goopy pulp until the end of its next turn).


The remaining zombies focus their attacks on Kadu, but the attacks of the lesser ones prove ineffective. The putrefied zombie does manage to land a blow (6 dmg)


*AC & PD penalty on Rizzel ends*

Escalation Die: +2

Map in first post updated.

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"Oh, that is enough of that!" exclaims Ruth" His scales fade until he almost disappears against the backrgound (Since I dont think I have engaged the baddie yet I intend to shadow walk to the pumpkin King and deliver a pointed lecture roll is 13+4 for shadow walk.)


If the walk fails or if I am engaged I will attack Mr Putrid

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Another one falls, another one falls .... 



Rizzle will try a Chaos Bolt, a shimmering bolt of pure lighting into the mob of dead.  Probably not as successful as he had hoped. 

He jumps up and down a little trying to keep an eye on the zombies on the far side of the square.  

Hang in their Kadu! I'm If those guys come after you, They are in for a big shock, but look for an exit if lighting doesn't strike twice. 


Elemental type =3, attack 5+4+1+2= 12 PD, 3+4= 7 damage, 1 on miss.  

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"I'm fine... oof... for now, Rizzle, just keep them off the civilians," Kadu calls back, continuing to swing at the zombies pressing around her. She gags a little at the stench of the big one.

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"I think I can be of some assistance"(this would be blue if my pad would cooperate...)


Closing his nostrils and slamming a dagger home in the smelly ones spine

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Ruth's sword leaves a gaping wound in the putrid zombie's exposed flank, yet it acts as if the strike barely caused it any harm.  It is obviously made of sterner stuff than the ones you've felled so far!


Rizzel's lightning strikes one of the zombies and it collapses to the ground.


Kadu's battleaxe strikes home yet again, felling another zombie. “Four zombies with three swings of an axe! I see your skills are as formidable as I had heard,†Therilsa exclaims behind you.


The zombies flail away at Kadu but they are unable to harm her armored form.


Ruth hears a pumpkin shatter on the ground behind him as the zombie hurler finally misses its intended target. But fear not, it still has an entire cart full of ammunition!


The group of zombies blocking the northeast entrance continue to mill around and shows no intent of advancing into the square.


*AC & PD penalty on Ruth ends*

*Ruth has Momentum*

Escalation Die: +3

Map in first post updated.

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