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Great work with the freehand on the shields! Nice metal work!  what's the sign on the base?


The base represents a little travelled over grown road and the sign is the direction for the next town.  It spells out my name in internet Elvish script.  I am not sure if you can see it clearly from the angle I took it from.

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Thanks folks.


I really like the clean pristine look




I am glad you like the clean look.  I have been watching the forums with all of the battle worn and rusted version of him out there and I was very impressed.  I decided it was time to show him (could be a her.. as it is not obvious which gender.. even when you turn him over :blush: )  in his victorious prime as he lords it over the run down and possibly war torn landscape.




editted for proper tense and grammer (don't type before the third coffee)

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 Excellent basing and freehand.

Nice to see the bright colors on him in contrast to the metallic nature of the beast. It's given me something to think about when I eventually get around to painting mine.


 (Minor nitpick: It might just be the picture, but the shields in the first pic look like you might have gotten a bit of the red on the metal parts...)

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