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Yet another looking for PC fig topic

Dilvish the Deliverer

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So I'm playing in the Kingmaker PbP run by Vil-hatarn.


My character is an exiled Chelaxian noble (well, he's been disowned so I guess that's former noble), and because I like to rationalize my mini purchases (it's not a disorder damn it!), I am trying to find a figure to paint up to represent him (as characters that have painted minis roll better).


Alexi Dromange  is Shelaxian as I have said but has been training to be a Aldori Swordlord (fighter type).  His main weapon is the Aldori Dueling sword (a curved longsword) and he does wear armor.  He doesn't normally use a shield or a second weapon in his off hand.  He tends to be well dressed.  I havn't decided on facial hair, most likely clean shaven (if bearded a neat goatee or trimmed beard).


I ideas I have had so far:


2144 Eric Swift Blade: Pros Curved sword, clothing could be fancy.  Cons: no armor (but maybe his about town wear?) and I'm not digging the 'do rag.


2186 Alfred Redlute: cut out the lute, curve the sword, could work


3065 Kellen, Nobleman Adventurer: cut out the dagger, paint the armor fancy maybe (Alexi will most likely wear heavier armor but could come close)


3556 Ashlan Fell Thrush: Looks great except for the shield.  Cool guy why do I not have him?  Added to wish list.


60119 Andoran Steel Falcon: Is the shield on his back a separate piece.  If so a weapon swap and he can work.


60127 Hell Knight Captain:  Ohhh, this could be the one.  No conversion needed clean cut (as long as I don't paint stubble).


60148 Sandru Vhiski another useable figure


So what do you guys think?  Anyone I over looked?  I'm fine with other manufacturers as well, I'm just more familiar with Reaper.


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Hell Knight Capt would be my first pick out of the ones you mentions.  You snagged most of the ones I would.


Vencarlo Orsini works well too, although without armor.


Eando Kline - Though if you don't take him, I may use him for my guy.





The first two were possibilities.  Vencarlo only shows the paint job not the bare mini, and that gives me difficulty seeing it in any other paint scheme.  I like Eando, but I think I discounted him due to the many  bits to paint factor..


I should check my GoT minis from Darksword and see if any of them match up.

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