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So I'm going to start my Blightfang soon


She's going to be a blue water dragon XP 


So I put her on a Secret Weapon base that has coral like protrusions. I plan to greenstuff in coral and rocks similar to what i did to Coraldrax


She does need a bit of greenstuff on some of her seams




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Underwater is certainly a specialty of yours.


Well that fin she has going down her back just screamed "WATER" to me heehee  ::P:


and I love blue dragons....and I have so many pretty blue colors...I can do so much variation on her, she's going to be GORGEOUS if she comes out how I'm imagining her

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Worked on her a lot, i'll take progress photos tomorrow when i have natural light to shoot by


but a bit of backstory..the dragon I'm painting her after is named Seraphina. Her father is a water dragon named Mesopalarthix, and she's very similar in coloring to him


I don't have a drawing of Seraphina, but I do have a work in progress painting of Mesopalarthix




She's not quite as aqua-green as he is, being more blue. Her fins are more like his body color.

If I had the skills, I'd sculpt the tail fin and the side tail fins onto her XD but i dont' think I have those skills

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If I had the skills, I'd sculpt the tail fin and the side tail fins onto her XD but i dont' think I have those skills

You can do it! You sculpted other things. ^__^


An alternative is to chop off fins from fish creatures and attach them on. ^__^

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I actually had the idea for Mesopalarthix to be a dragon mini...since I don't see many water dragon minis, with all the fins and stuff. This was before his design included the side tail fins and the more shark shaped tail fin


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      Also the back legs don't fit well into the base he came with, so I'm thinking that I might need to make my own out of cork... And this was supposed to be a quick project... we'll see how I do. 

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