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77291: The Kraken

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The first of my Bones 2 minis to get paint on him! 

I will attach the tentacles after I've done most of the work in his mouth

He's going to be a Cuttle-Kraken, based off a Cuttlefish, so lots of browns, creams, and striping





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Have you placed the tentacles? If so, how did you decide where the tentacles went?


I haven't really decided yet. They don't seem to have any clear, definite place to go....so I might just arrange them dry a few different ways and choose which arrangement I like best

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Cuttlekraken sounds awesome. When do we get a space kraken? :-)


Actually Bryan and I talked about a space kraken while I was down at Reaper XD


It will be, it has to be...since I'm the keeper of the space kraken


just have to get a 2nd Kraken sometime XD

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Yes. He is going to be like a cuttlefish. Not a cuttlefish exactly


I will be basing his pattern off a picture, rather than a video. Will be much easier to paint that way. They do have a non-camouflaged coloration, which can be seen if Google searching cuttlefish. Namely, brown with white striping and spotting

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    • By OneBoot
      This is going to be one of the most ambitious projects I've ever attempted, so I thought making a WIP thread would be a good idea.   If everything goes well, I plan to enter this beastie at ReaperCon this year, so fingers crossed!
      This is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head for awhile, and started gathering materials for it last year.
      My plan is to take this lovely critter:

      and rather than using the shipwreck as a base, use half of one of these:

      and paint the Kraken to look all spacey and such.
      So! To that end, I now have one of these!

      I'll just be using the top half for the base, though:

      Which means that the bottom hemisphere is available for...testing.

      --OneBoot :D
    • By GodOfCheese
      I like to think of this as an "all-that-can-eat-you meal", best prepared deep fried.  :-)


      This beastie was very challenging to paint, and all throughout I kept trying to figure out what I would do for a base.  The shipwreck is awesome, but it left the tentacles so close to the tabletop that I felt it might make play challenging, assuming we ever use it, so I figured it needed some seafloor and weeds.

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      Here is my version of Bones Kraken !





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      Hey all,
      I'm looking for advice on gluing the spar that holds the Kraken up. I tried super glue, but when I actually put the Kraken on it, it came loose. More super glue? Hot glue? What has worked for others?
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