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80037: Reaper Bones "Telephone Box"

Jordan Peacock

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And with this, the onslaught of painted TARDIS pictures begins!  I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more of these as the weeks go by.


Cool idea using printed labels to get the signage looking good.  I couldn't imagine freehanding it.


...Just a few more weeks 'til I can buy one (or several) at retail.

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Yeah, I read that in the Wikipedia article, too, hence why I mentioned that I might paint one red.  Yay, Wiki!  If I want to have a police box but not have players go, "Duh-huh, duh-huh, IZZA TAR-DIS!" then painting it red would be one way to go, even if the action isn't taking place in Glasgow (because my players, being Americans, aren't likely to notice).  ;)  

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The labels are printed, and, alas, I miscalculated by a couple of millimeters or more in just about every dimension (either that, or I goofed up in my printer settings), so I will likely have to go back and try again with SMALLER labels


Do you still have the files for the labels? If not, I can make my own, but if the work is already done.... ;)


I just bought two. One as a test that will be the Bad Wolf version and another to hopefully do a good job and gift to a Whovian

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Very cool. I've got this one about half painted...blue of course. Would you mind sharing where you found the images for the labels?




Here you go.  You can paste this into a Word document a few times just to be sure.  The image should be somewhere around 1.473" wide.  


Why the duplication at different sizes?  Because I'm lousy at precise measurements and scale calculation, so I find it best to just scale a few a bit bigger or smaller than my estimate and cover the margin of error.  


Whenever I do something like this, I'll usually fill out a page in Photoshop with various signs, posters, caution stripes, police tape patterns, manhole cover images, computer screen displays, tiny newspapers, etc., and then print it for a sheet full of paper "bits" I can cut off to decorate bases and such for a while.  Since it's usually assorted images swiped from the internet, rather than original art, however, I can't very well share it for show 'n' tell, due to copyright concerns.

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