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77229: Mind Eater and 77228: Chthon


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I've been working on some of the Dungeon Horrors from the new Bones box. Here's what I have so far:


The Mind Eater is almost finished, but I'm pondering a creative base for him since he's a bit big for medium, and making him fit on a base/map could be a challenge if he's sitting down. Thinking about designing finding something for him to stand on. (Also C&C on the paint job would be fantastic).


q3JIGbkl.jpg                          SnJdiTal.jpg



The Chthon is still in the very beginning stages. I've slathered him with Brown Liner and base coated him with the primary colors I intend to use. I'm trying to decide a few things on him. First and foremost, what colors to paint the tenta-teeth and also whether or not to try to free hand suckers like the MM art from 5e, or whether to make the tenta-teeth more fleshy on the inside (or both really).



1NMjOHql.jpg                                    kb4DIdUl.jpg




My painting skills are relatively rudimentary (I have, and have read for the most part, the Bones LTPK, but haven't had a chance to paint those figs...plan to work through them together with the missus when we both have time to sit down). But that's also pretty much the extent of my paint supply too (plus the promos from the past year, some samples, and a selection of craft paints purchased for various other projects and mini painting).



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Made a lot more progress on the Chthon over the past couple of days.


first up, the tenta-teeth. I went ahead and tried to add some suckers, basically just a tan dot with a black center. Not sure how well they turned out






For the body, I washed with viper green (the base color) with black, then dry brushed viper green, then a highlight of viper green + pale saffron. The belly scales are leather brown, lined with brown liner. The outside of the tenta teeth are viper green + shadowed stone. The inside is shadowed stone + BCA pink with the red stripes being the new KS crimson. The suckers are dirty bone with pure black dots. The teeth are splintered bone with a wash of crimson.













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