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Megaminis Skeleton speed paints with Quickshade

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Back when I started painting again, one of the first things I decided to paint was a bunch of skeletons I'd gotten from megaminis (who are now johnny borg castings and don't currently have these skelies....). They were to be my first tries at using Quickshade, and were done very simply.  While base coat, basecoat straps, cloth, armor and weapons, then Quickshade them and dull coat.

I did a whole mess of them, but 5 unique ones didn't get done for some reason.


Fast forward to 2 years later, and I'm cleaning up my desk in the basement and find these guys. So I decided to paint them up to (hopefully) match the rest.

This lead to a problem.  When I painted the rest it was right when I started painting again.  IE before I ordered any paint from Reaper.  These were done with old Partha paints.  Funny story...a few weeks ago an old friend of mine was telling me (via email, he lives 2 hours away) that he'd started painting again.  I knew he used Partha, so I asked him how his paints were and if he needed any.  I was going down that weekend, so I just took them ALL down and gave them to him (Well, all minus Plum, since I need to match that with a colour from one of my current lines I use first).

So I don't have any of the original colours.  So I've guess at close approximations and today I threw a bit of colour on the first two.






And that's apparently about all I did to them back then.  Now I need to go slap some dark tone quickshade on them and see how close the colours are  afterwards....



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fwiw, Johnny Lauck is currently running a tavern terrain KS as Dungeon Decor 2. Later this year, he will have a robot-based KS for his Savage Crew ruleset.


Looking forward to the Quickshaded skellies! I use QS ink all the time for my tabletop painting!

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 You shouldn't have too much trouble finding a conversion chart around somewhere - check in the painting advice forum. Alot of us still have some of our old Partha paints, so if you're looking for something to match a specific color somebody on the painting advice forum can probably give you a pretty good suggestion...

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So, been a miserable week.  Was on call for work.  Got called around 1:45 am AND 3 am three days in a row. Finally had a good night sleep Friday night, until 6 am when I got called for what turned out to be a major problem.  16 hours later, after calling in some other people on my team, I got to go to bed after spending the entire day working on the issue.

3 hours later I woke up with a stomach virus...just got back to work today.

But hey, I lost 7 lbs, and put in for 25 hours of OT, so it isn't all bad....


So, skeletons.




These guys are done, I think.  I tweaked switch the strap colour to palomino gold, which looks pretty close to Partha Dun.


They came out a bit light compared to some of the ones I'd done before:




So I may give them a bit more Quickshade when I do the last three.  We'll see on that only I get them all together (I only had the three others at work).


And I spent most of lunch on the...lets call him a knight.




He just needs a once over for touchups before moving on to the next one.



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Alrighty.   Been good about taking pictures, not so much about posting them.

So here they are.


Thursday.  2 skelies left, both in robes.  Did a couple quick touchups on "knight" first then figured out some faded robe colours.




Thursday night I quickshaded the knight.



Friday I cleaned up the robed guys a bit and packed them to go home.



A quick quickshading when they got home before heading out for D&D.


This morning some dull coat and they are all good to go.


Off to show off.


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