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All new Dual-Color Dice Sets. You choose which color sets will be created. -EU, CAN, & AU Friendly.


About this project


These all-new dual-colored dice feature one color on one half, and another color on the other half, with a smooth blend where the colors meet. Aesthetically pleasing and well balanced, these dice will make a great addition to any collection. Dice Details

All Halfsies Dice are two-toned, semi-translucent, have a pearlescent swirl effect, and are professionally manufactured in high impact resin with smooth corners for a clean and balanced roll every time.

Halfsies Dice have been prototyped in a number of color sets for you to see, and can be designed in almost any color arrangement you can imagine.

All sets are complete and include the standard 7 dice:

e9e9f2b990f157543d286f596607740c_originaAll dice are the industry standard size of 15-20mm by die.

These dice sets fit perfectly in any collection, whether you are a casual gamer, a dice collector, or just like shiny objects.

"These are your dice."


To get things started, we've designed the first 3 color sets after the greatest fantasy metals of legend. After that, you choose the rest!

Set #1) Mithril


Mithril Lore - A legendary metal first mined by the dwarves of Moria. Some say it is actually an organic metal that can be found forming the scales of certain dragons. Beautiful and engaging, these silvery blue dice make a great companion for any noble gamer.

Set #2) Orichalcum


Orichalcum Lore - A rare red metal found only in the sunken city of Atlantis. Its strength and molecular commonalities with gold made it abundantly valuable. Bold and strong, this set can roll with the best of them in any dungeon crawl campaign.

Set #3) Adamantium


Adamantium Lore - Once known as the indestructible metal Adamantine that held the Greek titans captive in the underworld. Now, its popular alloy has been used to create some pretty sweet claws. These gentle green hues will soothe your mind whilst your ranger puts out long range DPS. The color arrangements for the next 5 dice sets will be chosen by YOU, and unlocked by Stretch Goals.

Set #4, #5, #6, #7, & #8) TBD by Backer Vote


When the last set is unlocked (#8) we will also unlock the legendary Yin Yang Set.

Set #9) The Yin Yang Set


As an additional thank you: Once unlocked, Yin Yang Dice Sets can be added to any Pledge Tier for just $7!


As each Stretch Goal is unlocked, we will select the current leader of the live vote and announce the winner as the next available color set.

We will then release a new survey replacing the least voted-for colors with exciting new ones from any prototypes not yet listed and from your suggestions (in-survey and in-comments) for the next round of voting. Older color sets that are removed may return later, so hang tight if your favorite disappears for a while, and be sure to let us know in the comments that you want it back.

Campaigning for your favorite color sets in the comments is highly encouraged. The Color Sets available for the first round of voting are:


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I feel like I'm missing something here. How are these new?

You see these kind of two coloured dice from Chessex in their pound of dice bags and at Cons in the large bin that they scoop the Mugs o' Dice and Pitchers o' Dice from.


My understanding is that they're seconds, the result from when they first change over from one coloured plastic to a different coloured plastic in the molds during dice production. The creator of this project are simply repeating that process intentionally.


Pass for me.

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I feel like I'm missing something here. How are these new?

You see these kind of two coloured dice from Chessex in their pound of dice bags and at Cons in the large bin that they scoop the Mugs o' Dice and Pitchers o' Dice from.

My understanding is that they're seconds, the result from when they first change over from one coloured plastic to a different coloured plastic in the molds during dice production. The creator of this project are simply repeating that process intentionally.

Pass for me.

A few of the dice you've seen may be from color changes between runs, but most of the Chessex 2-colored dice are from their Gemini series and intentionally made. When those dice are seconds, it's for other quality control reasons.

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A few of the dice you've seen may be from color changes between runs, but most of the Chessex 2-colored dice are from their Gemini series and intentionally made. When those dice are seconds, it's for other quality control reasons.

I've found the reverse to be true. :;):


It's very rare I've seen Gemini dice in a Bag of Dice and I've never seen one in the Chessex bins.

The two coloured dice are typically in rather unexciting colours and not any Gemini colours.

I've pulled a few out of my own Container o' Random Dice to show you what I mean.



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These look like they are supposed to be pearly like Gemini but without the swirling.  I'm cautiously curious, mainly because it's getting hard to find a new set that doesn't match someone else's dice.  I'll probably do the "Remind Me" thing. 


For just one or two sets these aren't exactly a bargain, though.  And no option to pick up duplicates later, which I usually do so that I have an extra d20 or d6 in the set. 

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A few of the dice you've seen may be from color changes between runs, but most of the Chessex 2-colored dice are from their Gemini series and intentionally made. When those dice are seconds, it's for other quality control reasons.

I've found the reverse to be true. :;):

It's very rare I've seen Gemini dice in a Bag of Dice and I've never seen one in the Chessex bins.

The two coloured dice are typically in rather unexciting colours and not any Gemini colours.

I've pulled a few out of my own Container o' Random Dice to show you what I mean.photo_zps5e0b18b1.jpg

I see what you mean. They are two-tone like Gemini, but not the typical pearlescent colors. I went to the dicecollector.com website and found the 12-sided red-blue, and two 10-sided in pink-white and orange-white colors like you have above. There are no notes on the source of the website's dice, though, so they could have been rejects from a bag-o-dice, too.


I think, though, that the fact the colors are more-or-less evenly divided on each die hints that these were either test runs of two-color injection (with whatever colors they had on hand), or miscolor errors, rather than injection color changeovers. I could be wrong, though.

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Hi guys, I'm the project creator of Halfsies Dice. 


First, thanks, SamuraiJack, for posting us here.  You humble man, you didn't even tell us. : )


Let me answer each concern directly, and then I'm happy to feild any other questions or concerns you may have.


@Orlando_the_Technicoloured -  I get that.  If it makes you feel more comfortable, we have run 1 successful Kickstarter already (The King's Armory), which is now in full manufacturing, and set to ship in Q2.  -  Further we've learned so much from that, that we've built Kickstarter Advice Columns that see regular traffic on our webpage.  Included in the series are 2 massive articles on how make a Kickstarter budget.  (My education background is in accounting.)  -  You'll get these dice.


@Etherial - The renders get as close as renders can.  Believe me, we poured over color matching for hours.  Plus the majority of the renders are designed to show NEW color options, beyond those already prototyped, shown in pics and videos.  So they're not supposed to match, but be new.  Hope that clears things up.


@Prophetic_Joe - I'm not gonna lie, I respect that a lot. 


@Darsc Zacal - They're new.  Chessex's seconds are when they try to swirl the colors, but either fail, or like another said: are just cleaning the mold.  You'll note the pics you showed are slightly swirled where the colors meet, and there's no shine or translucent elements to them.  They don't produce intentional 1/2 & 1/2 designs.  We invented this style with the pearlecent and semi-translucent nature for our backers of TKA.  We promised them 2-tone dice.  Chessex (and many others) couldn't make any of any of their types for us in small enough quantities to use for a board game KS run (oh yes, we asked everyone); and so we were forced to invent something new, yet equally beautiful.  Halfsies Dice were born that day.  Watch the 2 vids if you haven't yet to see the detail and shine on them.  They're really nice.  ...at least we think so. : )


@rgtiplec - We've got a lot of requests for d6 & d10 sets since we launched, and we've since asked our manufacturer to quote it.  But before offer them, we want to ensure it's financially feasable to fit within the same budget and pricing limits.  -  See also: Budget notes above. : )  -  So keep an eye on the project, you might just "fish your wish".


@Grumpy Cave Bear - ...what he said. x2 : )


@kristof65 - We too own a lot of Chessex's dice.  (Used to own a ton, then my dice bag fell out of backpack before getting on a bus!)  ...Anyhoo, they make a good product and they make them pretty.   We even put a Chessex battlemap in the 2nd video.  A little homage to the greats.  (2nd video is at the bottom of the page, if you're wondering.)  I also don't know if you've ever met Mr. Reents, the CEO, but he's a nice guy too.


@missmelons - I'm confused by the "email us" thing too.  I wish they had a normal online store.  I feel they'd get so many more sales.  But they have a ton of products on Amazon for cheaper than their site with Prime Shipping anyway, so that's probably why their site has an odd approach. 


@LittleBluberry - Pearly fo sho.  It was a must for us.  We had lamo prototypes that were totally matte.  We sent them back.  -  As for getting a new set that doesn't match someone elses, for me, that's the beauty of this campaign.  YOU get to vote on what color sets we make, and so we can make the ones nobody else has.  Believe me, the set that's winning in the vote right now... Yeah... all new! : P  -  Finally, they're not super cheap for just 1 or 2 sets, compared to Chessex's Prime Shipping on Amazon, but A) we're a Start-Up; B) If you factor in normal shipping rates, we're cheaper than ordering from most online stores (Amazon prime being a worthy exception); and C) they're cheaper than Chessex's Amazon Prime action if you buy 6 or more sets ($8.17/set or less).  When we can combine the shipping, we pass the savings on to you.  (sounds like an infomercial, but it's true). : )  -  I'm not sure what you mean by duplicates, but you can order more than 1 of the same color set if you like, if that's what you mean; hence 6, when only 3 are unlocked, etc.


Ok.  That's everyone.  I'll be around if you have any more questions or comments. 

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading this little book of a reply.


John Wrot!

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My girlfriend is a avid dice collector. She is most definately in on this. Your background in accounting helps make us confident that this is going to happen.


What does 'EU friendly' mean? You ship from EU so no VAT?


Thanks for sharing that here.  Yes, the dice will ship from within the EU, so no VAT at your doorstep; we pre-pay it for you at a fraction of the amount, as we pay it on the manufacturing rates, not the "sale price" rates that you would have to.  (That's the technical behind how "EU friendly" works.)

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