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I was given the Dark Sword Frog Wizard as a Christmas Gift.

I don't want the giver of the gift to think I was unhappy with their choice;

(must always leave open channels for future Mini's) !!!

I really like the challenge of this one, and the familiars around his feet,

and the bat are hysterical !

So I am doing another one of those froggies that I dearly love.


I wonder if he is holding the "Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch" ???


I have him primed now.







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Top Posters In This Topic

That does indeed look like a Holy Hand Grenade.... Yay! Another froggy!

You have been so busy my friend, that I don't think you have caught up on the mini's I have been doing.

Did you notice the Jungle Lord that I posted in show offs last week ?

Hope you are well !

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Looking forward to another Froggy!  I love DSM's anthropomorphic line.  Your painting of these are making me want to move my racoon thief or my JLC mini's up my queue.

Thanks Silvervane;

They are so much fun when you play with your imagination !

I want to do this one 180 degree's from the dark flame lit version they show on their catalog.

I've got a much more vibrant image in my head.

Hope I can pull it off !

(I keep on lusting after the King Richard the lion heart.. but oh boy.. that is a tough mini !!!

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Since the temps were below zero I got a jump (oh arghh) on the Frog this morning.

Did some brown-lining and a few brown washes to get a chance to look at all that

is to be painted on this mini.  The two little familiars around his ankles are hysterical, and

the one eyed bat is a hoot !  Books, Chains, small beard, and the holy hand grenade, and robe

gives plenty to fiddle with.


I'm thinking of an Orange/Black frog to begin with (maybe.. Frogs come in many many colors).


Here are a few detailed photos. (I added a second light source, and modified my camera).






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I just got such a giggle going as I started actually painting the Frog Wizard.

These things just appeal to my sense of humor.  I can't resist just going out

on a limb, and being insane when it comes to them.  I should tell robinh to SIT DOWN

before he reads further.  His favorite color is in play...ORANGE.  I'm going to do the frog

in Orange and black, but mostly orange !  So here he is with a nice solid coat of

Orange on him:


Edit To Add:

(I forgot to paint in his hands !

DUH.  Photo with hands painted added)





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Thanks Ub3r;

Now I have to start thinking about the frog markings, and the other factors in this mini...

You know how much I love to just mess around when it comes to these frogs.

The Frog prince and his canary hat, and pink britches were just a sample..ROFL.


I've got some ideas on this one.. the Holy Hand Grenade and that hat..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


Oh, I am evil.

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