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I was given the Dark Sword Frog Wizard as a Christmas Gift.

I don't want the giver of the gift to think I was unhappy with their choice;

(must always leave open channels for future Mini's) !!!

I really like the challenge of this one, and the familiars around his feet,

and the bat are hysterical !

So I am doing another one of those froggies that I dearly love.


I wonder if he is holding the "Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch" ???


I have him primed now.







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That does indeed look like a Holy Hand Grenade.... Yay! Another froggy!

You have been so busy my friend, that I don't think you have caught up on the mini's I have been doing.

Did you notice the Jungle Lord that I posted in show offs last week ?

Hope you are well !

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Looking forward to another Froggy!  I love DSM's anthropomorphic line.  Your painting of these are making me want to move my racoon thief or my JLC mini's up my queue.

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Looking forward to another Froggy!  I love DSM's anthropomorphic line.  Your painting of these are making me want to move my racoon thief or my JLC mini's up my queue.

Thanks Silvervane;

They are so much fun when you play with your imagination !

I want to do this one 180 degree's from the dark flame lit version they show on their catalog.

I've got a much more vibrant image in my head.

Hope I can pull it off !

(I keep on lusting after the King Richard the lion heart.. but oh boy.. that is a tough mini !!!

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Since the temps were below zero I got a jump (oh arghh) on the Frog this morning.

Did some brown-lining and a few brown washes to get a chance to look at all that

is to be painted on this mini.  The two little familiars around his ankles are hysterical, and

the one eyed bat is a hoot !  Books, Chains, small beard, and the holy hand grenade, and robe

gives plenty to fiddle with.


I'm thinking of an Orange/Black frog to begin with (maybe.. Frogs come in many many colors).


Here are a few detailed photos. (I added a second light source, and modified my camera).






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I just got such a giggle going as I started actually painting the Frog Wizard.

These things just appeal to my sense of humor.  I can't resist just going out

on a limb, and being insane when it comes to them.  I should tell robinh to SIT DOWN

before he reads further.  His favorite color is in play...ORANGE.  I'm going to do the frog

in Orange and black, but mostly orange !  So here he is with a nice solid coat of

Orange on him:


Edit To Add:

(I forgot to paint in his hands !

DUH.  Photo with hands painted added)





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Thanks Ub3r;

Now I have to start thinking about the frog markings, and the other factors in this mini...

You know how much I love to just mess around when it comes to these frogs.

The Frog prince and his canary hat, and pink britches were just a sample..ROFL.


I've got some ideas on this one.. the Holy Hand Grenade and that hat..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..


Oh, I am evil.

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      My intention with this piece was to show a dynamic interaction between the two figures as compactly as possible and with a clear indication of the action, but with enough uncertainty in the details that the observer can be lead to many different interpretations of the story.  For example, did the creature just miss her with a claw attack, or is he clinging to the rock in dying desperation while she contemptuously uses him as a launch pad?  I went through many challenges with this figure (including crushing her in transport, breaking off her arm, crushing the bow and snapping off her leg at the ankle). 
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