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That has the potential to be a FANTASTIC base.  Keep up the GREAT WORK...& remember to post it for moi to admire.

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    • By PhantomAquarist
      I was having some fun playing with green stuff and decided to revamp the base of this Goroloth. I scupted corals, tube sponge, starfish, and a deadly blue-ringed octopus! There's some pictures of the sculpts before trimming and painting also. :D

    • By SparrowMarie
      So I'm going to be making a diorama for a friend soon. I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do but no idea how to go about it. I've never worked with cork before and am going to be using quite a bit of it. I want to pour water effects(?) into it but don't want the cork to soak it up. My questions are (photos to be added below for reference):
      How do I seal the cork so it won't absorb the resin water effects? Do I need to seal the wood I am basing it on as well? If so what is the best way to do that? What is the best glue to put the cork on the wood, sealed or not?  
      How do I fix the small hairline cracks in the cork (not sure if they're visible in the picture)? Kind of related but what is the best glue for plastic to wood (I'm going to be putting the wood on top of a painted Tropicana lid)?  

    • By Thrym
      It's that time of year again, the High School Play where my wife, the English Teacher, handles costumes, props, hair and makeup. 
      This year's play is an amusing comedy called ...

      And I was tasked with creating the badge.  It started out as an oval of light weight wood from AC Moore or similar store; approximately, 4.5 in by 2.25 in. 
      I printed a Star out on my computer to size and poked holes into the wood where I wanted the star on the oval.  Then I marked the cuts I wanted on the edges to get the "shield" shape for the badge.
      Then I added cork pieces in the shape of the 5 points of the star from the middle to build the star. 
      After hot gluing the pieces down I sanded a bevel into the shape.  Then I skimmed the whole thing with DAS air-dry clay to bulk up the background and smooth the star over.

      Then sanded it down smooth and sealed it once it had cured.

      Then sanded down the seal with some fine grit and primed it white.

      From there I painted the background of the badge Reaper Scorched Metal and the star Reaper Honed Steel.  Then to set off the star a bit, I pained just the inset top of the star with Vallejo Silver.

      I think it came out nice and should show well from the stage.  The back just got a nice coating of a craft paint ... specifically Wrought Iron Black like I used to Prime the Marvel Golems.
      Of course, it got a heavy coat of Testors Dullcote to seal it all up.
      Seeing the play this Friday.  The prop will likely get all of 10 seconds of visibility.  LOL
      But it's all good practice.
    • By valkyriesinger
      Hello! I've recently started working on a diorama, and a friend of mine urged me to post here. The only thing that is missing from the pictures below is the kelp that will be behind the kraken (on the little pads on the back side of the base). It is some floppy aquarium kelp that I"m currently trying to figure out how to get it to stand up straight. Tips, tricks, C&C are all welcomed.
      Here is the pre-primed coral wall in varying states of sand coverage. The coral is planned to be very brightly colored.

      Primed base:

      You can see the kelp pads in the pic above.

      Base with Kraken for staging verification:

      Here is the almost finished diver, who goes in the slot in front of the Kraken. This drab, dirty human looking down at his feet while the kraken looms above is one of my favorite parts, tbh.

    • By Thrym
      HEY HO!
      I'm back ... sort of.  Things are finally starting to wind down at work.  I haven't had my new employee start yet (July 5th) but we're hitting the slow season.  New work will continue to come in but the pile-on won't be there.
      So, while I have a couple of projects sitting on the shelves ... Thrym's WIP List ... I did receive my Bones 3 order and feel the need to replace the Reaper in Talisman with a much more WORTHY version.
      For those that don't recall or have never seen the Reaper in Talisman ... here's a version:

      Plain jane Reaper.  Which is fine.  BUT ... my poor fellow is just a little tipsy:

      I specifically tilted him on his new base but he's still listing quite to the side.
      So time for an upgrade!
      One of the issues I have with Bones in general is Weight.  They need a little metal shot or something in the middle of them for weight.  Anyway, I started resolving this by adding the weight to the base of the mini.  But this is the REAPER of all the LANDS of TALISMAN!  He needs something significant.  So, i am showing him with a partial column behind him and will continue the bone pile he comes with around him using the skulls and pieces @ub3r_n3rd and i bought in on.
      Here's the start:

      The partial column is made from cork rounds I cut down to a particular slice and stacked with a support wire through to the bottom and super glue between each slice.  I plan to soak the cork with some diluted white glue and then spray the whole thing with Dullcote to seal it.
      I think I will be adding the one of the shields from the various Bones weapons kits to the column.  It's down to a toss up between:

      Of course, your first thought is ... duh, Grave.  But, the second one is just as creepy as a piece of the column.  Especially if you are a Doctor Who fan these days.  With the skulls and bones littering the ground, I think the Virtue one might be the better route.  But ... Grave. Duh!  Hit me with your thoughts!
      Since the Lord of Death is standing on a tilted grave stone, I will add at least a partial one somewhere I think also leaning.
      There you go, the layout of the project and concept.
      Enjoy and stay tuned!
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