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First off, the title is a result of currently rewatching Chuck, one of my favorite TV shows. What this is, is a work in progress of the projects I have planned for the next two months. Let's just say, I think I am insane. I have 5 for ReaperCon, 2 commissions for friends, and if I have time 2 for me. So without further ado, let me introduce my victims.


First up the lovely Tinley. This beauty has been slightly modified and will be my entry in the open category for ReaperCon. I am pretty happy with her as this is the first time I have done any modifications. Next up are two ladies for the painters category. Dark Sword's Steam Punk Babe will be painted up as a Sci Fi Babe, using the stock photo for the Star Wars the Old Republic female smuggler as inspiration. Representing Reaper, we have Betty the Space Heroine and her little friend. If it looks like I have the time, my last entry will be a diorama staring the Queen of High Elves and Praying Paladin in a castle room.


The commissions are for two friends from my gaming group. They are a web exclusive Space Marine from GW and Nicodem from Malifaux. Luckily the guys do not have a deadline and told me just to take my time. Lastly we have Rhaine from Reaper, who will serve as my next PC, and Magda, who I have wanted to start since I got her.


But you did not come here to read text, so is the line-up all prepped and primed. The paladin has not been primed as I have been having issues with attaching his arm.





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I got a few thin layers of paint on a few victims. I am trying to keep it simple for myself by using the same colors on multiple miniatures so today was about the blue. Tinley's dress, Magda's scarves, and Rhaine's coat/dress all got some Twilight Blue. The Dark Sword fig also got some Woodstain Brown on her coat.




I also started on some of the bases. The square one with the plasticard is for Tinely. The plasticard is the support for a garden wall and will be cut down to the right height. The big round one is a Secret Weapon Trench Works base that is for the Dark Sword fig. The small round one is another Secret Weapon base and is for Betty and her friend. Lastly the slanted column is for Magda.



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Where'd yah get that awesome base?




Where'd yah get that awesome base?

Ya. I wanna know too


lol, his post above the picture: "The big round one is a Secret Weapon Trench Works base that is for the Dark Sword fig..."


--- edit ---

Guessing you two mean the large one. XD


--- edit ---

Or are you talking about the wooden part of the base? Now I've confused myself.

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Yeah, the big base is a SW one from a BofC. It was funny because I got that one, thought it was neat, and then got two more in the last one. There is going to be stuff added to it to make it like an alien planet. And for the hell of it, the wood ones are from Michael's and the pillar I got from FRP Games. Just covering my bases. ;)

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Finished up the blue basecoats and started on the yellow and skin. Tinley will be a blonde and the yellow will form the shading for Magda's white shirt. I also finished the brown basecoat on the DS fig's coat and put the first layer down on Rhaine's hair.



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Work has been progressing but I keep forgetting to take pictures. Everyone has received more base coats and I have done more work on the bases, including getting the bones of my vignette done. Today though, I focused on Tinely. First I did the skin, then the hair and now the dress is all that is left. I am not 100% happy with her skin but it looks better after I finished her hair. I do have a question. What color should I use to do her eyebrows? Think blond would not stand out against her skin and a brown might be too harsh.


Any input on anything would be greatly appreciated.



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I think you would be safe with a light or medium brown. Often when I am in doubt, I refer to Master Schubert for the answer. Took a quick look through the inspiration gallery at his paint jobs and the blond minis I sampled had brown eyebrows. :)

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most true blond people have a dirty blond drfiting towards brown eyebrows.  the coloration could just be a couple of shades off the blond hair.. say ginger brown from the xmass colors with maybe a touch of yellow in it.

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Tinley is looking great. I agree with brown for the eyebrows, I using use my shadow color and if that isn't dark enough I mix it a bit with brown liner. Sometimes when I am feeling particularly brave I will lay down the brown liner then take a lighter mix and make tiny slashes through the line for some depth that are hair like. Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the suggestions, I was leaning towards ginger cookie myself for the eyebrows. That completely makes sense Marsya and I did it with my gnome. But he had bushy eyebrows so it was easy to do while Tinley's will be smaller so I am not sure I could pull it off. I still might try though.

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I got into the grove of things yesterday and got the front half on Tinley's dress done. I did notice some areas that need work in the pictures but I am very happy with it. So all that is left for her is the back of the dress, the sleeves, and of course her eyebrows. This means I should have the painting portion should be done tomorrow and then all I will have left is the base and a couple of small details.


Now a question. Do the "creases" on the side of the dress work or should it be smooth? I kind if like it as it gives a sense of movement but I want to know what you think. If I need to take a better picture of that side let me know.


Any input would be appreciated.



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      December has only just begun but this year's ornament is already finished. Unlike previous years I decided to wait until the piece was finished rather than run a WIP thread. With the little one being a lot more involved this year it certainly made things easier. Our daily progress was also lower too as you can only keep a two and a half year olds attention for so long.
      Starting out I knew I wanted the little one to be more involved this year. Plus she's certainly been showing more and more interest in what I've been doing at my desk lately. With a bit of thinking and planning (something we all know I usually avoid) I came up with a concept that would give her a lot of "big" areas to paint unlike my other ornaments which were just little figures that require "precision".
      That's right I really did plan this build. As you can see I'm no artist but it does show off the concept. My plan was simple enough, I'd build a small rooftop complete with a "Santa" that would fit inside an ornamental bulb. 
      Using plasticard I made a roof and chimney that fit snugly inside the bottom/lid of the ornament. I added the appearance and texture of bricks to the chimney using thin squares of cardboard. For the figure itself I simply used a GW necron I had leftover from an earlier project and with some greenstuff I sculpted a hat and toy sack. Lastly I covered the lid with masking tape and primed it.

      Once it was primed and ready for paint I could finally get the kid involved. With a bit of brush assistance from myself we quickly found our rhythm and started painting together. Unfortunately there are not a lot of progress shots. Most days I just completely forgot to take one and on others the little one was just so excited to keep going. I did get one after we finished the chimney's basecoat however. 

      After that we painted the roof, the toy bag, the red portion of the hat, and the silver metallic. The white of the hat I did myself at one point while she napped.
      So far she had really been enjoying the project and seemed to like painting together but I was not prepared for how much she loved applying the wash. I'm not sure what it was but she really liked splashing the dark wash over everything. I guess dirtying up a model is just satisfying.
      After that we applied a little drybrush to the bricks. Everything was nearly finished but the fine details remained, so alone I quickly painted the eyes, chest, and the Christmas lights. After applying a bit of snow flock our ornament was complete.

      In retrospect the "lights" were a little too close together on the back, but as it only truly obscured my name it wasn't worth redoing.
      We put the bulb back together and hung it on the tree. I think it doesn't look too bad. It's certainly an improvement over the previous years, almost as if my skills have improved.

      Happy holidays everyone.
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