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SGHawkins vs ReaperCon, Friends, and Fun


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These are beautiful!  I now feel inspired to try a diaorama.  :)


I am also extremely jealous of your fabric work!  I have the darndest time getting a smooth blend between shadow and highlight -- about half the time it comes out well, half the time the skirts / cloaks come out looking striped.  It's great to have the chance to watch your steps doing such beautiful work.

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That's it, I am done. I still can not believe I was able to get it done, I almost gave up so many times. In the end, I am happy with it. So that makes four ReaperCon entries: two Painters, one Open, and one Diorama. I still wish I could have finished Magda but it was not meant to be. She is mostly base coated so I may finish her up for a con at the end on May. For my first ReaperCon, I am pleased with what I am bringing.


Thanks everyone for the feedback and encouragement.



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