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Never Toss A Dwarf or 60004: Harsk, Iconic Male Dwarf Ranger

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Not a ton of progression, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of WIPing... (WIP it good!) Mostly just a bit of undercoating for future metallics... Maybe more this evening, but tonight's date night with the Missus. We had to host a marriage conference last weekend so this is our Valentine's date night  ^_^









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Well.... I've kind of fast forwarded to the end.... Lemme dig and see if I have any more WIP pics. Show off will have to wait until tomorrow as it's too late to set up all the camera equipment.

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Okay, so I don't have any more WIP painting pictures, but I do have a few for the base development. I decided to go the coin route after seeing an article on the Massive Voodoo forum. It turned out pretty good in the end, I think, although those pics won't be up until tomorrow. Also, I don't remember what kind of coin this is. I just sorted through a bag of foreign coins until I came up with one that worked. I'll try to get the final pics up tomorrow night. Until then, enjoy!


I started by sketching a vague outline of what I was trying to accomplish. Here I've glued down the coin to show off the coat of arms on the back.



These bricks are from Secret Weapon. They were kind of a pain to work with due to the funny shapes surrounding the round coin. Thankfully, this project didn't require a lot of bricks like "Target Acquired."



I used matte board for the base, a wine bottle cork for a central support, and Milliput to make "earth" around everything. The bottom, of course, is a wooden checker.



A shot of the underside.



Top view. That hole was a pain to drill! However with Harsk pinned to this coin, I don't think he's ever coming off. 



Thanks for looking! More tomorrow night... hopefully! 



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Nice. BTW, that's an old Spanish coin (Peseta was the currency before they switched to Euros).

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NP. Wish I knew more to identify the coat of arms... it does not look like Castilla y León...




I mean, from the crown it has it is obviously not the Royal House of Spain, I believe (my knowledge of heraldry is virtually non-existent).


Which leads me to believe it is not an Spanish peseta, since google tells me other countries used the term for coinage. However, the lower simbols are part of the reigning houses, so perhaps it is a lesser noble coat-de-arms? Intriguing. 




Some more investigation, I have an answer. It is the Arms of the Catholic Kings, as the Kingdoms of Castilla and Aragon were just joined, in the 15th century. This was modified through the Franco regime (dictatorship of Spain) when the Peseta was first coined in 1869. Too bad you have it glued and we cannot see year of coinage on the other side, if any, but it seems that after the Civil War and for some years the classical arms were restored (including the ox neck thing -lower left- and the arrows -lower right-) until finally modified into the "new" design I pictured above. 


This places your coin between 1939 and 1975.  :blush:


BTW, that coat-de-arms first belonged to Isabel II when she united the Kingdom of Spain by marriage.


Sorry for the rant; but now you have some bit of trivia to tell your friend while admiring the paintjob  :;):

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I have another of these coins as well. I think it's the older one... around 1947 or so. I want to say this one was marked as around 1963. Thanks for the info Willen! I'll have to send him to your post. He's actually on the forums, but hasn't posted anything yet. Goes by TOPHDNA


@Arc: I'd like to claim it was my original idea but it's not. It came from Massive Voodoo, but imitation is the best form of flattery! I'm sure the MV guys wouldn't mind. However, that coin was hard to bore through!

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