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77041: Harpy


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Got my harpy painted! Somewhat quick paint job.




I struggled finding a color sheme for this one, and wanted a mini to play around with a limited palette. Everything on the mini is a mix of these colors:



(and brown liner)


What do you guys think? Any tips/hints/critiwue welcome :)

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Thanks everyone!  :blush:  :bday:


great color and depth - i like the scales but find myself wanting either a brighter picture or a bit of highlighting added to make the scales pop


I think part of it is in the picture, but the scales doesn't really draw the eye IRL either. I didn't manage to highlight them properly with my palette (and speed paint), but I suspect the mini comes off better with the feathers and body as the eye-drawers. Gogo speedpaint! Perhaps I have some Goblin ancestry?..


I like this.  I may use this as a template for when I paint my own!


Wee! I'd love to see that! :D

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