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I had to force myself to look so i could admire the paint - my instinct is to turn away - good lord that thing is revolting


nicely painted though - especially the soft pink underbelly to the tentacles


nice partially digested arm on the base


i think i am going to be sick!

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    • By SamuraiJack
      Hey folks!  Your friendly neighborhood Kickstarter forum moderator here.
      This is one of the busier forums on the site and as such project tags can get way out of alignment.  If you have down time during the holidays and you can check your posts and older posts with the Live, Funded or Pre-launch tags and update them to the proper status, that would be amazing.   You can click on the tag and it will show you all topics with that tag.
      Reminder that preferred tags are Live, Funded, Fulfilling and Pre-launch.
      If projects need locked, feel free to tag me in them so I can update those as I have time.
    • By Kev!
        From the board game...

      Click to get closer,
    • By Chris Palmer
      This past week I painted the Drys, Dryad, figure from the Bones II, Sylvan Creatures set. Since I was in kind of a Frostgrave frame of mind when I was thinking about painting her, I decided I would try to paint her up in winter colors, like a dryad that has been unexpectedly awoken from her Winter sleep, and is not happy about it.
      Photos linked for nudity:
       Photo 1
      Photo 2
      Photo 3
    • By Pingo
      This is Julie Guthrie's sea hag, part of the core set of the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter.
      To begin with, I cleaned up  the flash some, scrubbed her with soap and warm water, and primed her with Reaper's Brown Liner.  When that had dried nicely I painted up her flesh with a pale sky blue and layered first a brick red color, then a pale yellow on her base for sand color.

    • By Jessie
      I need to get busy this year, my numbers aren't keeping up with last year. So I decided to push myself this month and finish off all 30 of my skeletons in one month. They're only skeletons, right?
      First step was gluing them to their reaper plastic bases, then milliputing the bases they come on to blend more evenly over the new bases. That took about 3 nights of work (I did some gnolls too so that once done I wouldn't have to do too many mass milliputs for a little while). I'm putting the first coat down on the bases now, en masse. Sometimes I have trouble getting color to cover the greenish of the milliput so I like to do two coats and am getting that going. Anyways, I know skeletons are probably boring, but thanks for reading!

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