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Kuro's ReaperCon Project

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Hey all!  Sorry for disappearing for so long; I came down pretty sick a few weeks ago, and that made all my real-life work pile up on me...  However, this is my spring break week, so I've finally managed to get back to the project!


But, after several days of fairly decent progress on the stones, I hit an absolute wall with bulking up the backs of the walls, and that problem has quite literally cost me two full days of incredible frustration.  Without going into all of the agonizing details, lets just say that I'm extremely close to throwing this abomination through the wall at this point...


All that being said, I'm going to stick with it at least one more day, and then (if my feelings towards the project do not improve), I will scrap it and move on to something that is not fighting me tooth and nail!






Oh, and Xherman, I'm so sorry I forgot to respond to your mini suggestion!  I did indeed see that mini when I was planning the project, and she is awesome, but I felt like she was not quite innocent-looking enough for what I was aiming for.

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