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Kuro's ReaperCon Project

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Well, it's been a very long night of painting, but I think this session has been totally worth the coming sleep deprivation!  The picture is done!






I started with a pencil and paper sketch of what I wanted, and then I taped that sketch to the back of the picture frame I had already made.  Then, I just used Brown Liner to trace all of the lines which I wanted to keep.  Once that was done, I detached the sketch and applied a generous coat of white primer to the back of the picture (to help reflect light and make the picture bright) and started coloring in my little homemade coloring book!

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Well, my friends, it has been a very long journey, but we are now at the end!  Once again, I owe you all a very big debt of gratitude for all of your encouragement and advice throughout one of the most frustrating projects I have ever undertaken.  You guys are the best!








The only thing left to do now (besides packing everything securely for my flight) is to name the diorama, and I was hoping you all could help me with this.  The three ideas I was knocking around are:


(1)  "Songbirds of a Feather"


(2)  "The Prettiest Flower"


(3)  "Live, Love, Laugh, Sing, Grow"



The piece is very open to interpretation with multiple, equally-applicable stories to tell, but I kind of want to guide the story through the title.  So, if you don't mind, which do you think is the most compelling story?

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Hm, well, I like all of them, but I don't know that any one of those fits the best. The first one is my favorite, but it doesn't tie in the garden. The second one is sweet, but doesn't address what is happening betwwen the bird and the lady. The third one is the most all-encompassing, but again doesn't quite address the neat dialogue you set up with the lady and the bird.


So, I guess my vote is for #1. ^_^


It turned out GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to see it in person! :bday:



--OneBoot :D

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