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Anyone know anything about this:

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What's your questions?


SF3D was a series of models designed by a top Japanese SF modeller in one of their publications ("Hobby Fan" or some such), that were scratchbuild one-offs done in a series that seemed to be set in the same universe. Eventually it evolved into a photo-manga series, and later a series of awesome plastic models from Nitto (I still have one of the PAs under construction right now, coincidentially). They were one of the first model companies to realy offer mixed media kits (this was during the '80s), using rubber or metal springs to simulate hoses and cords, wires for other tubes, and the like. Pretty awesome line, and I highly reccommend you pick up a few next time you're at the hobby store. They've been re-released under the Maschinenkrieger MaK line.


Basically, its WWII in space (now WWIV IIRC), with various ethic powers from the colonies vying with each-other to reclaim a recovering Earth...



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I believe they're still in print. There was a big re-release a few years ago...


R5A go to www.hlj.com to order them. This is actually a Japanese retailer, but catering to the US market. I've ordered from them before (all of the Tsukuda Nausicaa model kits, a great find!) and shipping is reliable and not burdensome. Its actually cheaper to order from them and pay Japanese prices (and have it shipped to the US) than to buy from a US retailer. FREX, the Nausicaa kits were only 500 yen (less than $5) that would run easily $10-$15 here in the US.


They're mostly in 1/20th scale (I'm guessing around 90mm) so they're fairly large...about as large as a 1/144 scale Gundam (but more bulky).


They're all a good buy.


I see Yellow Submarine is also doing resin kits too...



The kit I'm working on is the SAFS (Super Armored Fighting Suit).


Eureka from Australia does a couple packs of figures based on these (IIRC the SAFS and the AFS Mk. II) in 28mm scale in 4 poses each.



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