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77379, 77256: Dracolisk and Brass Bull


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Can't tell it's olive, but I'm curious why you chose that color as a base.


When I was at the Artist Conference in October, one of the classes I took was shading metal. 


it was suggested in that class to use green as a base for gold and bronze colors, and blue for a base for silver colors


mainly because metallic paints are rather transparent, and without an underlying base they get real watery and don't hold their color well. I find green works pretty well so i kept on using it after that class ^^

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I like that you're playing with similar color schemes on these figures.


Traditionally the color that went under gold was a sort of terracotta red. Gold for gilding is super thin (you can see light through it!) and can sometimes rub off, so having a good strong red underneath meant that there was always some rich warm color showing.


The color under silver was called blue clay, but it was really a sort of grey.


I love your olive under gold.

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